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So Orks still get no love from GW. Everything that could of been cool in the re-release of the gazzy book was given to space wolves wolfin.



Par for the course, I'm sure.  Seems counter intuitive considering the majority of the rulings releases in the majority of the FAQs Imperial Armies, but if we can't count on Gdub to be Gdub, then who can we count on?

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All they need is our love.  I've never had more fun with an army, win or lose.


My favorite opponent when I played Black Templar was Orc.  Played against it once at a tourney, was a hoot.  I ran 2 15 man squads in LRC, 5 Pods w 2 dreads, 3 10 man squads.  It was a lot of fun.  Wish I could've faced more Orc players, but Bend was lacking them.

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