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Heads Up on Exchange Rates!


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Right now, the British Pound Sterling is trading at £1 = $1.25. Looking between the two online stores, US site has a 10 model Space Marine Squad at $40. The same box costs £25 at the UK site. £25 = $31, or a savings of about 23%. It varies from box to box, but it's around 25% off if you order right now from the GW UK site. The UK site also offers free shipping on orders over £40, or $50, even on international orders.


On top of that, the VAT and export tax are already included in the price, so if you are willing to wait an extra week or two, you can get GW stuff from the UK Website at 25% off.


I'd expect the exchange rate to remain the same or actually decline a bit more until January 1st, when GW UK will "adjust" the online store prices to reflect the falling Pound sterling against the US Dollar. Or they might wait until after President Elect Clown takes office. Economics and politics go hand in hand. 

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Awesome! 330 mile drive to save 20%! Let's see, six hour drive there, six hours back, 42.6 gallons of gas at $2.50/gallon... $106.45 in gas, plus food... Alright! See you on Saturday! LOL Nah, that's awesome that Astral Games gives that much of a discount. Wish I lived closer. I used to get a great discount like that when I lived up in Alaska.


This is just one of those weird times when it's actually cheaper to buy at the UK Online Store then the US Online Store thanks to exchange rates. I'm pretty sure that's why the limited edition Thousand Sons stuff sold out so quickly in the UK, but it's still available on the US Online Store.


It's also a fantastic time to get Forge World!

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I think you can stack your 10% as well at Astral but I'm not 100% sure on that.


Welcome to the Ordofanaticus Forums, shadowy orc person!


 Yes, you can!  However, 99.9% of the forum isn't down here in Rogue Valley earning that extra 10%, so didn't mention it.  Like Tam pointed out, the cost of the commute wouldn't make it make sense for people, and that's exactly why I said it like a braggart.  Nothing like getting the box sets for 100 bucks, though.   :cool:

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