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Just checking, anyone have BFSP night goblins for sale or trade?

Brother Glacius

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Bro G, I've toyed with the idea of cleaning out my closet of fantasy type models... Would you also be interested in lots of squigs along side night gobo infantry? I have a big mob of hand weapon shield boyz (5th ed metals mixed in with converted skull pass spear boyz), 60 arrer boyz (musicians only for command), newest version Skarsnik, 20 hoppers, big mob of herders/squigs,2 mangler squigs, a chariot pulled by squigs, 2 big bosses on giant squigs, 10 spider riders converted from night gobos, and some war machines.


Prolly too much but it is also all painted decently :-). Lemme know if you want pics, they are also all nice and stored in kr multi cases.

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