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Okay, if I have a PDF and it's a large file, and I really only need a single page from that file, is there a way to save just that page a single PDF file?


My cell phone just can't load the entire Imperial Armor book that I need to reference a given unit. Plus, I have to shuffle throught the pages to find the file.


Only way I can think of would be a screen shot when the page is open, then save the picture as a PDF. But then I have the screen in the shot. Likely a much easier, and better way. Suggestions?


PS: Windows phone, so don't expect good app support to solve my issues....

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You can open any PDF in Photoshop and it will ask which page you want to open. Open the one you want and then save it as a (whatever format you want, including PDF). One advantage of this approach is PS will retain all size and resolution settings for you. 


If you don't have PS, you can download a free trial and do this action in a few minutes. 

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