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Disciples of Tzeentch


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From twitch.

Stuff they've already said: It will be a big release, over several weeks. It won't be a "small potatoes release" or something british like that  :D

The points for the warcrolls are in the Book, it's points are updated, just like the warcrolls themselves. E.g: Tzaangor.

It will be a busy "Tzanuary" :D



Lore of Fate - For Archanists




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Rumour Engine – December 21st

Hey all,

Having been doling out sneak peeks on our Twitch channel the last few days, we are fresh out of rumours today. However, we thought it’d be good to let you know that some of Rumour Engine images we’ve already shown you have now been fully revealed.

You may recognise this magical orb from a post a few weeks back, so if you guessed that it was part of a Tzeentchian disc – give yourself a pat on the back. If you somehow guessed it belonged to a Tzaangor Enlightened, you are surely marked by Tzeentch.


There was more than one glimpse of Tzeentch revealed by the Rumour Engine, and this staff from a Tzaangor Shaman featured in our second post several weeks ago.


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Posted 21/12/2016

Looking Forward to Tzaanuary

Next month, change comes to the Mortal Realms…

We saw a little tease of this yesterday in our 2016 review, but we thought we’d spare you trouble of trying to pause the video at the exact split-second to get a good look at the miniatures, and give you some better shots.

First off, we have the Tzaangor Shaman:


This is the first hero Tzaangor we’ve seen, since the blue-hooves of these beast-kin were heard galloping down the arcane labyrinth of the Silver Tower.

No prizes for guessing this guy is a wizard, but what you might not know is that his spell turns people into Tzaangor! Very nifty if you ask us. Also, we’re pretty sure that staff looks familiar

Next up, the Tzaangor Enlightened:


These guys are the elite of the Tzeetchian beast-heard – gifted with daemonic disks on which to ride down their opponents. They are very, very fast and pretty handy in a fight.

This guy is a Tzaangor with Brayhorn:


You can actually buy him already – this is an alternate build for the Tzanngors that also accompany the Thousand Sons to battle. In Warhammer Age of Sigmar games, he lets your unit run and charge in the same turn! Very handy.

Finally, we have a new Kairic Acolyte:


This one has a Vulcharc, which is a strange Tzeetchian bird that jealously attacks enemy wizards near to the unit. The kit comes with all sorts of cool arcane gubbinz like this.

The Warhammer TV guys were broadcasting live on earlier showing off a few more features of the upcoming Battletome itself. Subscribers can watch the full show back on twitch.tv/warhammer.

Change waits for no man though, and if you want a great way to start a Tzeetchian army right now, there are already loads of miniatures available: Chaos Warriors, Pink Horrors of Tzeentch and Tzaangors to name but a few.

And you could do far worse as the start of an army, than the adversaries from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.

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$ 25.00 for 130+ page hardback?


 Ill be getting it either way to maintain my collection.However as far as a Tzeench army goes,ive got a fair amount of models for it but not sure how strong they are going to be as they appear to be a 5+ save army overall.Im sure it will be a strong casting army but may only work well as a supplement to a mortal based "harder" force.

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