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Greatest Power For Evil: Andrewgeddon's hobby plog

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We're at the dawn of a new year, and after much waffling between armies, I thought it was time that I committed to working on one for OFCC 2017. I've got the Ogres painted and ready to go, but after bringing them for the last 4 years, I'm hoping for a change in 2017. Hopefully this log is more successful that my Demons log, heh.


I've always loved the idea of Bretonnia back in the WHFB days, and I've had piles of them sitting around from various trades that I've done, so I spent some time putting together some models, magnetizing some bases, and listening to inspiring tunes.



Here's the list I'm looking at bringing, assuming that: A.) 1.3 is the standard, B.) 4,500 points is what we're playing at OFCC, and C.) there is 9th Age at OFCC next year 😉


Token of the King


Duke on Warhorse

-Grail Oath

-Dragon Lance

-Crusader's Helm

-Virtue of Might


Paladin of Warhorse

-Questing Oath


-Great Weapon 

-Hardened Shield

-Oath of Daring


Damsel of Warhorse

-Wizard Master

-4 Learned Spells (Divination)

-Talisman of Roland


44 Peasant Levy


-Musician & Standard


5 Knights Aspirant

-Musican & Standard


11 Knights of the Realm

-Full Command


7 Knights of the Grail

-Full Command

-Stalkers Standard


5 Yeomen Outriders



3 Pegasus Knights

-Gleaming Icon


Sacred Reliquary




Putting It Together


Models that I had in my "to do" pile were a mix of assembled / partially painted stuff I had received in trades and on sprue models. I built what I needed to fill out my units, put disk magnets in the bottom of their bases, and replaced some bent / broken lances with some extras I was able to buy online (suckers are hold to get a hold of). I received some movement trays from warbases.co.uk, as well as a couple sheets of what I thought were rubber steel from Green Stuff World... turns out I got magnetic sheets, which sucks, as they don't quite hold as well as the rubber steel does to the magnets, and the magnet - on - magnet can make some models slide around due to the polarities. 


Grail Knights + Damsel + a stand in for the Duke. The metal legs are going to be my standard bearer, but he dropped and broke in half 😞



Knights of the Realm + BSB. The BSB came in to me with a broken pole for the standard and a bent sword, but I was able to repair them.



Knights Aspirant. Used the older snap-together KotR from the starter set. Need to find a proper banner. 




Yeomen Outriders. These guys are the FireForge Mounted Sergeants. Nice looking models, but I don't like how they scale up to the rest of the Bretonnian models. I'll have to see if I can get my hands on the old GW models, but these will do for now.




Peasant Levy w/ Grail Reliquary. Was lucky to get Reliquary for fairly cheap, due to it being "broken." The lance arm just needs to be glued back on though, heh. Shields will stay off for ease of painting, halberds weren't glued on yet because... lazy, heh.




And finally, the Pegasus Knights. Going to have to have to think of some ways to get these guys to rank up a little bit, even with skirmishing. 


No Trebuchet yet, have to find a model I want to use for it. Next step will hopefully be throwing down some basing and getting models primed (or re-primed). Cheers all, and happy new year!

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Looking good! Also I've spoken with someone on the 9th Age boards who is planning to run the event this next year so it will be happening. If they fall through for some reason, I'll do what I can to make sure it still takes place.


I'm assuming 4500 standard and it will likely be under the rules that get released in Spring, but my understanding is that that will mostly just be the major updates for WDG, DL, DE, and ID. If the other books or the BRB see any changes with that update I think it's just being planned to be minor tweaks so I would say it's mostly safe to use 1.3 as a springboard for list-building and then keep an eye out around March or April for the next release.

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So yeah... bringing some knights to OFCC 2017 probably isn't going to happen. Incoming baby + work + life brought the KoE to a screeching halt, in case the lack of content since January was evidence enough. But hey, there's always OFCC 2018! I love the army, and it's going to continue to be my primary project, once I finish up a few small projects for Blood Bowl and the Ogres. 

While progress is been almost non-existent, I did manage to squeeze some in! Airbrushed some base colors down on the Grail Knights, because this guy has zero chill when it comes to trying to put down reds and yellows over large flat surfaces, heh.


Spending some time putting Peasant Crusaders on square bases. I love these models and want to try a big brick of them carrying around the Sacred Reliquary. I've got 16(?) so far, so hopefully I can get the other 18 I'm looking for as time goes on, although they are pretty scarce on Ebay.


And figured out a somewhat solution for my Pegasus Knights, that involved a large rock and a comically tall flight stand.


As always, noble and knightly tunes are a must!



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20 hours ago, Andrewgeddon said:

"Somewhere Far Beyond" is probably my favorite power metal album of all time!?

It's a classic. I really think Blind Guardian set the rules for the Power Metal genre.

I've been listening to a lot of Za Frumi and Summoning when I paint my WFB Orcs. It seems fitting for certain songs.

Za Frumi - Through Jakesh Eyes

Summoning - A New Power Rising

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4 hours ago, Grensche said:

It's a classic. I really think Blind Guardian set the rules for the Power Metal genre.

I've been listening to a lot of Za Frumi and Summoning when I paint my WFB Orcs. It seems fitting for certain songs.

Za Frumi - Through Jakesh Eyes

Summoning - A New Power Rising

Can't say I've heard of Za Frumi. Summoning is probably my favorite band though,  if I had to pick one.  "Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame" is probably my favorite, but Minas Morgul / Dol Guldar / Nightshade Forest... all so good!

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8 hours ago, Andrewgeddon said:

Can't say I've heard of Za Frumi. Summoning is probably my favorite band though,  if I had to pick one.  "Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame" is probably my favorite, but Minas Morgul / Dol Guldar / Nightshade Forest... all so good!

Za Frumi is more of an ambient/folk group. First three albums were centered around a group of Orcs on a quest to find three pieces of a staff. Any sort of speech was done in black speech, definitely heavily Tolkien inspired.

Summoning I really enjoyed Minas Morgul, some tracks were upbeat sounding but it was a good record. "Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame" is every Black Metal fans favorite album. "Ashen Cold" is always mentioned at the drop of a dime, I felt Oath Bound was more return to form.

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Another OFCC come and gone! Another great year for 9th Age! With all the craziness from work / family life taking up my free time, and a new edition right around the corner, I think the only responsible thing to do it write 5K lists and put together models! I have a few small projects that need some love, as well as 1 larger project coming up soon (bwahahahaha!), but KoE are definitely on my mind! Since there seems to be some interest locally in trying out some 5K games, I'm looking forward to trying out some interesting stuff: Lord on Hippogryph, big block of Peasant Levy AND big block of Peasant Crusaders. I've mentioned my Crusaders up above, but I had only planned on running like 34 of them with the Reliquary. Since they are already stubborn though, I think they'll be able to run without it, and I can stick the reliquary with the Levy. Now running 40, I'll have to get creative on what models to use until I get can more Grail Pilgrims.

I picked up this bad boy at the last Ordo garage sale. Planning on using him as my Duke on a Hippogryph. In my version of 9th Age, Hippogryphs look like Griffons, because I don't want to pay like $100 buck for the Bretonnia model, so leave me alone!


Other big plan, because I am an insane person, is to eventually rebase the whole damn army.


Why? Because the GW bases aren't "true" 25mmx50mm, so they leave little gaps in their movement trays that haunt my dreams.


Unlike these sweet, sweet MDF bases:


I can't image how much of a pain this will be. Lets see if it actually happens.

As always, mighty knightly tunes! Cheers, hopefully I'll have some actual progress done in my next post.


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6 hours ago, Andrewgeddon said:

Right? I think you're on the right track, but I feel like it has to be sloooooooooower. Like Skepticism, but less Conan and more Thulsa Doom. Maybe something like Void Meditation Cult or Krypts or Teitanblood... hmmm...

Teitanblood or Psuedogod would probably be more fitting to Chaos Dwarves. 

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The mailman cometh! Only a small part of what I've ordered (rest should arrive in the next couple days), but my other post OFCC project: Infernal Dwarves!



Really like these Russian Alternative models, think they have a lot more character than the current Forge World "Legions of Abazabagrabothath," without looking quite as silly as the old GW Big Hats. I reeeeealy wanted to get the Lost Kingdom miniatures, but they were A) out of stock of almost everything, and B) Like almost $70 per 10 guys (before shipping) if you wanted Big Hats with hw/shield. Biggest issue with the Russian Alternative ones is that the dudes with great weapons, that I'm using as my Infernal Warriors (basic core troops) are larger than the hw/shield guys who are going to be my Immortals. But I think with some creative head swaps I can mitigate this a little bit.

Threw together my Overlord out of the GW dwarf hero kit. Head is from the RA models above, shield is from the current Bloodthirster kit (think it's a kneepad or something).



On some work on my bases for my Infernal Warriors. Stolen from a hobby blog I found online, just an easy way to create a "stone slab" effect.


Hope to have some more updates soon! Will have some more time for KoE once I have a chance to order some new bases for my Peasant Crusaders, are my current magnetization set up doesn't work with metal models. Until then, you'll be seeing some eeeeeeevil dwarves getting posted, and some less knightly tunes!



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4 hours ago, TheBeninator said:

I have not seen any weekend updates yet, did you not realise a new Hardcore History dropped last week?


Hey, I'm working on it! Totally have been listening to the new HH, great stuff (as always)! Busy weekend, but I did make some progress... updates later after I finish resizing photos and playing video games...


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