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After years of drop pod aggression, looking to be more defensive.


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So this is a list noodling post.


I've always favored the iron warriors and used a loyalist drop pod list as boots on the ground are some of the best ordinance. With the grand company in traitors legions I got excited about way too many fortifications... Took me a second but the grand company formation of formations allows auxiliary choices of 1-3 fortifications, they literally have unlimited fortification choices!


I've been working out a chaos warband (obsec) with bunkers for all and escape hatches as a cool reference to the crazy way the iron warriors really dismantled the imperial fists... Below is my working point(after an edit cuz break is over)

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All but the buildings are obsec as a warband!


Lord terminator armor relic power maul, and power axe (extra attack and choices, maul is master crafted with the option to trade normal attacks for a single str 10 ap 1 attack)


Termies three combi weapons


2x 5 Marines plasma combi plas in rhino with combi plas

2x 5 Marines


3 obsec bikes no upgrades


5 marine havoc squad 4 Autocannon

5 marine havoc squad 4 Las cannon

5 Marine havoc squad 4 missile launchers


3x martyr bunkers void shielded, plan to deploy for best havoc fire arcs and to screen rhinos/bikes for objective grabbing.


Fortress of redemption with krak storm (strength 8 ap3 96" range barrage) four heavy bolters (the termies either chill here or deep strike, and both basic Marine squads also occupy this 4 part building), this building will go solid in deployment zone with escape hatches to objectives so that obsec Marines or termies can pop out score then back to building. Fortress also has a twin linked sky fire Lascannon array, this gives me 3 different unit weapons to fire.


Void shield generator with 3 shields total to give me another "model" for scoring in my deployment zone and allows me to bearly cover the fortress with void shields to avoid the worst of the building damage table...



1850 list


This feels super garrison of the iron warriors like, small number of Marines with lots of tricky defense stuff.


Planetary onslaught allows for the purchase of ruins at 20pts and a fortification slot each. I'm tempted to build "shells" for my bunkers to give them cover saves. Opinions?

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What would be cool is netting that drops around your 12" mark.  So like imagine a metal rod in the center, a 12" radius plastic circle suspended at the top of it so thjat the ring is not heavier than the base; and then netting hanging down from the circle like a shower curtain.  i feel like this could be built...


Edit'd the design above.

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I think the ruins would be a great idea, it would also make it more difficult to assault and if the building was destroyed you would have cover still.


The question is can you put a bunker inside a building if they are both purchased parts of your army? Can you normally put a fortification in a piece of terrain?

Previous editions did but I couldn't find anything about needing to be X away from terrain this edition. Not to say it doesn't exist but it would be super cool to basically have ablative armor for my bunkers.


On that I took void shields in this list but I could get 15 points back if I went the ruins route... Not sure what I would do with them...


Also 2k list I'd just add another unit of obsec terminators to drop out there and another rhino...

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Ob sec buildings are hilarious.

The buildings aren't obsec just the troops inside. I get reroll warlord, a buff to boon table, free veterans of the long war, 6+ feel no pain, fearless in buildings, stubborn all the time, and some other bonuses (will edit once I have book). It is just nuts having unlimited fortification slots in a battle forged list, super exciting for me!


Only "tax " I feel is the fast attack but 3 obsec bikes at 70 pts are still good blitzing an objective...


Edit: the last bonus I get is that ordnance or barrage fired by a model (so I think this applies to auto fire building stuff!) gets to reroll scatter...

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So the big thing I'm noodling right now is the difference between having the building upgrade single void shield for the havoc bunkers...


A shield is a av 12 that must be glanced or pen'd before you get to roll against the av 14 of the building and could get on the chart. It comes back each turn on a 5+. 25 pts each and I have 3


As I have unlimited fortifications, I have the option of taking multiple ruin options at 20 pts each. As these are purchased I can choose administratum, mechanicus, or basillica and build them to my own design. I could make a small rectangle that ensures the fire points can see while covering the rest of the bunker and generating a cover save right?


Question: is a 4+ all the time better than the extra shield? Ruins are cheaper but not by enough to really buy any thing.

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Is there anyway to get both void and the ruins?

There totally is one is an upgrade while the other is a totally seperate data slate choice. Points become the issue and the weird application of rules, who could ever bring their own terrain for buildings? Iron warriors that's who! While it is super thematic it would require alot of communication and approvals so I'm trying to keep them swappable...


Most hilarious thing? I have enough pieces of the gw ruins kit to make a 20 point shell for the fortress of redemption that would easily cover 25% and give that thing a cover save too!

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