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W: Complete Painted Army H: Cash

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Our clubhouse is looking to acquire a reasonably well painted army for display. Since I sold most of my stuff last spring I figured I'd ask the club if someone has one for sale. I can't really talk price as it's my brother who would be buying it. What I can say is that we only want a completely finished project. No bits boxes. 


Could be either 40k or Fantasy. Should be decent table top standard. I will put any interested parties in contact with the buyer. 




(Edit currently negotiating several possible transactions. May not respond to further inquiries in a timely manner. Sorry for any inconvenience.) 

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I have a Deathwing Army that could use a good home.

2x Forgeworld Contemptor Dreadnaught
-2x Kheres Assault Cannon each
32x Terminators
-4x Cyclone Missile Launcher
-2x Assault Cannon
-6x Chainfist
-7x Storm Bolter/Power Weapon
-13x Storm Bolter/Powerfist
-1x Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield


Fully painted to OFCC standard, some pics available here:



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I have a Empire Warhammer fantasy Army fully painted and also a Night goblin / Orc Army fully painted ready to go. 


For 40k i have a Renegade Guard army fully painted and also a Genestealer Cult Army ready to go. Both would come with the codex's and IA13 books etc. 


Let me know if any of them are of interest and i can send some pictures. 





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