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Ordo Spring INFinity League


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Who: Everyone. There will be no fee for the league. Game night dues will apply. $2 champions/ $5 for members (If you are interested in becoming a champion, send me a PM)

When: Sundays - 8 weeks - March 5 to April 23

Where: Western Oregon Wargames. http://www.ordofanat...00-what-is-wow/

What: 300 points. Each week bring two lists from the same faction or sectorial. Missions will be rolled from the 20x20 mission system. I will reroll repeats to make sure every week is something new. The mission for the week will be not announced until players arrive at league night. It will be like ITS but without the heavy weight on specialists. They are useful but not restrictive.


How to get points

Bring new player: 10 points – Ordo Fanaticus loves new people. So this is worth big points. Requirements are that the person be new to the game or new to the club and has an interest in the game.
If you are new to the club when you come the first time you get 10 points for bringing yourself.

Play game or run demo: 2 points – You can play multiple games each game night if time allows it. I will also give credit to hosting a demo for new players or coaching a pair of beginners for a game.

Win a game: 1 point per week – Only one win will count towards it that week.

Bring food or drinks: 2 points each week – Bring a snack to share or water/ soda for the fridge.

Paint a model: 2 points per week/ 55 mm base models 4 points – The model must be three colors and have at minimum a painted base. Points will either be given for posting a picture on the forums or showing me the model at game night.

Post on the forums: 1 point per week – Create a blog on the clubs Infinity forums and share lists, battle reports or hobby reports

Noteworthy moments – 1 points – These are handed out by me each week for epic moments in the game, telling a great joke, or other random mysterious things.


Legendary Exploits

There will be a separate achievement list for the duration of the league. These legendary exploits are moments in the game where you pull of something that is possible but also rare or difficult. Each one is claimed by the first person to achieve it. (Full list coming soon...)

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Alright guys, get your lists ready. Assemble some models for painting. Grab some sodas or snacks. Start up your blogs. Remind that friend that is interested in playing. And get your orders in order. 

Because this thing begins on Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing you all there. Stay tuned to this spot for the unveiling of the Legendary Exploit list later this week. 

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