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work in progress for OFCC. Thousand Slann

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this year i wanted to work on something i started poking at a little bit before last years OFCC. i wanted to do a kind of lizardman in 40k kind of army and aztec themed marines combined. I figure i like the idea that the Slann were actually another race created by the same old ones who created the orks and fought the C'tan/Necrons. Some might have survived because Deus Ex warp and maybe were able to convince some marines possibly from one of the destroyed legions to work with them or maybe they just built their own cause space frog magic...

Anyways here is what i started with. 


here are some color tests. i'm trying to go for a bright central american kind of color pallete and will try some animal prints and such. 


for the display board i'm doing like a jungle covered necron tomb


i'm trying to remember to post pics as i get things done but for now this is my sneak peak.

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Started hammering through my queue. i am trying to get as much painting done so i can work on the boards. i will be building my display board and a teammates again. 


i worked on all my murloc tzaangors. i do them in batches about 5 at a time then work on the other units in between drying.


i tried a different pattern on the Aviarch. rather than the forrest frog i tried more of a fish pattern.



Finished some raptors that i will use as objective markers. still need to touch up and base and paint on numbers


Worked on my termies a little bit.


these dudes were origionally going to be riding the raptors but i decided it might look cooler to take an ogor aproach and have them be part raptor. like maybe the slann magics have been merging the space marines with their type.



Current squad i am working on. not done yet. infact i will go back over everything in the next couple months as i see things that bug me and as i base them. 



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So got some more painting done. got my five ogor type dudes (Rubrics) mostly done. also worked on my HQ's


started playing with some airbrush ideas and decided to do some fancythings on my HQ's and elites. First is lord kroak riding his Froggy Warpbeasty (Vortex Beast)


worked on my other slann guy (Exalted Sorc.)


still touching up their thrones but heres the idea. the murloc guy will be the Tzangor shaman.


this guys going to be Magnus. so i made sure to give him nipple horns. 


i still have a ton of detail work to do on him with all the conversion stuff but this is a good idea. He's basically a living temple. Next up is basing and wrapping up my own displayboard then i gotta start on a teammates. 

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