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How do folks feel about Rhinox riders?

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James, you may use them whenever you want.  They are 100% welcome in the Ordo Fanaticus Fantasy Open if you want to run your Ogres with them then.  Otherwise in normal gameplay who cares? Bring them and if your opponent is going to cry about it then have them counts as Mournfang and remember them for being sissies.  This entire mindset that Forge World not being allowed is just stupid, but that is a rant for another day.

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Well, as I recall, the Forgeworld rules weren't particularilly well written or balanced.  And since they're not readily available, I could see a tournament goer feeling blindsided or having to rely entirely on blind faith that their opponent it reading / interpreting / playing the rules correctly.

Neither are the Regular rules anymore! Ha!

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Seems to me they are fairly straightforward.




Insofar that they are too tough, I simply wouldn't know. I've not played WHFB8 save for one quick game in which I was mercilessly crushed by Raindog's dwarves. 


I am going to get a rematch! I have an Empire Horde growing.




I also have Skaven, and an incoming OK army from Austria, and a smallish contigent of Tomb King mercenaries. I've been trading off my unused Warmachine/Hordes for them.

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Don't forget they still get the Ogre ability to parry while mounted.


I think most people are put off of them because, for 45 points, you get +1 WS (rider), Str (rider), T, W, A (rider), Ld, Impact Hits, and AS not to mention a Best-Of list of USR's. That's a little much to swallow when such a clear alternative is offered with the Mournfang. That said, anything putting people off from using Jervis pompous-as-hell Johnson's units is alright in my book.

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