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Psychic Phase Question


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41 minutes ago, Psilence said:

In matched play each power (other than smite) can only be cast once per psychic phase.  So only 1 guide in your example.


In open play you can do as you like:

"You get guide, you get guide, everybody gets guuuiiiidddeee!"


Can you please post a page number for this?


I just went through the Advanced Rules section and saw nothing additional about the psykic phase.


Page 178 states


2. Make Psychic Test
A psyker can attempt to manifest a psychic power they know by taking a Psychic test. To do so, roll 2D6. If the
total is equal to or greater than that
power’s warp charge value, the power is
successfully manifested. A psyker cannot
attempt to manifest the same psychic
power more than once in a turn.


So I see no restriction on multiple psykers casting the same power on the same turn.

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So Warptime reads

Warptime has a warp charge value of 6. If manifested, pick a
friendly HERETIC ASTARTES unit within 3" of the psyker.
That unit can immediately move as if it were its Movement
phase. You cannot useWarptime on a unit more than once in
each Psychic phase." -pg 11 in Chaos

The rules for Advancing are as follows:

When you pick a unit to move in the
Movement phase, you can declare that
it will Advance. Roll a dice and add the
result to the Move characteristics of all
models in the unit for that Movement
phase. A unit that Advances can’t shoot
or charge later that turn." - pg177 Core Rules


There are no restrictions on advancing twice. Warptime says you treat it as if it is the Movement phase all over again. I would say yes, you can advanced twice. And if you have a special rule that allows you to charge the same turn you advanced, I would say you have a good chance of being in combat the turn you do it.


This edition is reminding me more and more of 5th addition where you want to charge almost every turn in order to leap frog your way across the battlefield. They have limited this mechanic severely with the introduction of firing pistols while in combat. Something I find really cool and enjoy.


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