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Hello all! It was suggested at OFCC that a Facebook group be set up in order to help people in the northwest better co-ordinate / discuss / inspire all things 9th Age; some of us in the PDX / VNC area have a Google group for planning out meet ups, but Google Groups is, to be frank, not very user intuitive in my experience, and this was an opinion that was expressed by several other member of the group as well. To that end, I have volunteered to set up "9th Age - Northwest" up on Facebook.

This is not intended to supplant the 9th Age content on the Ordo boards here, or even the Google Group, but rather compliment it; We have members active on the Google group who don't use the Ordo forums, and vice versa, and I'm sure there are Facebook users out there who don't use either. I will do my best to make sure that any relevant information, such as tournaments, are shared across all three places!

The group is a bit bare at the moment; I'm still in OFCC recovery mode. Once I get a little more time / sleep I'll try to add some more content

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you have trouble gaining access to the group!

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3 hours ago, Yarbicus said:

Just submitted a request to join the FB group.

Approved sir!

10 minutes ago, Sugarlessllama said:

I would love to join the FB group. I have a WFB Dwarfs army that is currently collecting dust. I would love a reason to bust them out again. :D

Would love to have you! If you haven't already, submit a request to join and either myself or Sam will approve you :biggrin: . If you have any troubles finding it, just drop me a message!

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