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Eldar For Sale


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Full Eldar army for sale. Looking for $550 + shipping. 


IMPORTANT: check the photos for details on condition of figures. 


-6E Codex

-Eldar psychic cards

-2 Farseers

-9 Warlocks

-2 Phoenix Lords

-16 Wind Rider Jetbikes

-10 Storm Guardians (primed black)

-20 Guardians with weapon platform

-20 Guardians with weapon platform

-20 Guardians (old plastics with lasguns) with weapon platform

-4 Guardians on sprue and extra weapons for platforms
-Extra old metal Guardians and bitz
-8 Dire Avengers
-6 Rangers (3 have gun barrels snipped)
-7 Fire Dragons (incl Exarch)
-6 Warp Spiders (incl Exarch)
-5 Vypers
-6 Dark Reapers (1 missing gun)
-5 War Walkers
-4 Falcons (3 primed white, 1 bare) (I use these as Wave Serpents)
-1 Fire Prism (metal turret)
-1 Night Spinner
-Huge pile of weapon bitz, including plastic Fire Prism cannon
-1 Wraithknight (NIB)
-1 Crimson Hunter (NIB)
I have a few more models that can be added on for additional cost.
-Fully assembled and magnetize Wraithknight (expertly assembled and all options available) - $100



-3 ForgeWorld Hornets (partially assembled, all weapon options available) - $100

These are fully legal in all 40K games per GW, and by far the best unit in the Eldar army!



-Plastic Eldar Avatar made from Cauldron of Blood - $35

Awesome model for an awesome unit. 



-23 Harlequins (metal, mix of all models) - $75






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I've received a lot of PMs about this, so I'll just post the reply here: I don't want to sell the Hornets separately at this time. I want to give people a shot at the entire army first. 

Jolly, I R Confused... You said Hornets and WraithKights are Add-ons...

Does that not imply they can be purchased separate of the army?

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