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Nintendo Switch

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I just won a Nintendo Switch from a raffle. It looks like a fun little set up, but I haven't played a console since college. Any recommendations for games I should try; it is Nintendo, I am getting Zelda and mario kart, anything else good?  Also, I have a 6 and 3 year old boys, any recommendations for them?

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Jut bought a switch actually because of the exclusives (and portability as I find myself away from my gaming pc to often these days). Only complaint I have is having to buy a better controller when it is docked. I did see a 3rd party device that would allow me to connect my xbox one elite controller, but I have heard of bricked units from 3rd party peripherals. 

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Mario, Mario, Mario! Super Mario Odyssey is arguably the best Mario ever!

Tiny Metal - The closest anything has come to Advance Wars in a long time

Want a cheap game that's better than it should be? Try Super One More Jump

Now, everyone always looks at me sideways when I mention this one but Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is a fantastic game. It is X-COM in the Mario-verse and it is brilliant!


There are tons of well priced games available. Check whats on sale in the eshop regularly. It changes often and there are good deals to be had.

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