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WHEN: Friday August 24th, 2018

WHERE: The Hilton in Vancouver, WA

WHAT: 300 Points ITS - 2 lists, 12pt spec op, 3 color and based painting requirements. Missions to be announced later. 

WHY: To show who kicks the most Infinity a$$! Sportmanship rules still apply but beyond that bring your best lists and best ability to show off your Infinity prowess. 


OFCC Infinity Schedule:


10:30-11:00 Check In

11:00-1:00: Round One

1:00-2:30: Lunch!

2:30-4:30: Round Two

4:30-6:30: Round Three

7:00: ITS Awards

7:00-close - Open Gaming in the Hall

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Hey guys,

I have a co-worker who wants to get into miniatures and has chosen Infinity as what jazzes him the most!

I wanted him to come out to OFCC to get hyped about wargaming in general (as an observer), and figured id ask if there might be space for him to play a demo game. We are splitting a red veil starter pack, so i'm not sure how much of a normal game that gets you, but he probably wont have more than 1 game under his belt by the time OFCC rolls around.

Anyone going to be hanging out with the capacity to show him a good time?

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