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heavy support choices? world eaters


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2 hours ago, Skkipper said:

my berserker heavy world eater list is curious to what monster is should unleash

3 mauler fiends or a  Kytan?




Not a fan of mauler fiends or forgefiends in this incarnation of their rules. So I guess I default to Kytan, though I don't really have any experience with that model. I also dislike that they don't get access to the legion trait.

You could consider a Land Raider for transporting your World Eaters.

FW also has some nice Heavy slot units, including Dreadnoughts which would benefit from your legion trait (Thanks to the FAQ). Oblits and Havocs would also benefit.

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Legion traits only apply to HELLBRUTES, INFANTRY, BIKERS, and, with the FAQ, Daemon Princes.

They still count as part of the legion, but they don't get the trait.

EDIT: Believe me, I'm not happy about being right here.

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56 minutes ago, Skkipper said:

I was wrong didn't click on the legion trait rule on my ibook.


No worries. Anyway, so heavy choices, is it still between maulerfiends and a kytan?

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11 hours ago, paxmiles said:

What about a pair of helldrakes?

I haven't used them this edition, nor seen them used, but seems like they have decent melee potential and a ridiculous speed. Plus in this edition, they are closer to Jump infantry than a flyer, since they lack a minimum move speed. Should be easy to get a turn 1 charge with helldrakes. Dunno if worthwhile.

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Oh, just a reminder that the Lord of Skulls got a rather substantial price drop, while the Kytan hasn't been updated in a while. So the Kytan is 514pts and the Lord of Skulls (with cheapest weapons) is 538pts, so only a 24pt difference. That's Skullhurler and Ichor Cannon as the cheapest weapons.


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3 hours ago, Skkipper said:

Berserkers are never troops unless I am missing a rule somewhere.

It was in the index and was FAQed to the codex: Berzerkers are troops for World Eater Detachments. 

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