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OFCC testimonials

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We're in the process of creating a website for the OFCC event, to advertise it to a wider audience than in the past.  As part of that, I would like to include a small section of testimonials, i.e. "hear what past attendees say"


If you've attended the event, and would like to say something about it, please post below.  Please include your real first name.  By posting below, you give permission for Ordo to use your name and statement on the website advertising the event.  We reserve the right to make minor edits (grammar, spelling, etc) to your statement, or to edit it to make it shorter.


Try to keep it brief, and remember that we're describing the OFCC to an audience that has never attended, and might be wondering if this is just another face roll tournament.


Thanks for your time!

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last year was my first OFCC experience. my fellow teammates told me about the event with enthusiasm for the fun and friendly gaming environment and well painted and thought-out armies that would be present. I spent months prepping my own forces, complete with a rather detailed display board. When I got to the event I was floored by the skill and diversity presented by the other players from the Pacific Northwest, I invited non-gaming friends just to how them the skill from a hobbying perspective. The event provided me with inspiration to achieve even more detail and cohesion for my own army at next years OFCC!

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I like two years ago when Jamie Stockdale would stand on his chair and yell, "CHOP!" at the to of his lungs. On Day Two, Derk and I would respond by shouting our team name, "Not Canada!" And Dan Miner from BC would respond to us, "F..... You Not Canada!"


Then, there is the shirtless Canadian wrestling .... Or Moose Cock... And I still fondly remember sitting on a cooler, playing in a barn.

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