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Holy Hell it's April! Let's Meet


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Hey gang!


It's April already, and we haven't had a meeting yet, so let's rectify that.


I've been approached by a number of people curious about finding a team for the OFCC and yet there don't seem to be teams forming--which means you aren't talking to each other about it. So let's all get together and figure it out.


Anyone interested in going to the OFCC (40k, fantasy, X-wing, warmahordes, whatever) come to the next meeting. We'll discuss teams, captains, etc. 


Would next Tuesday be too soon? Teams can supposedly start purchasing tickets today but the last update I saw is the online store isn't ready yet. The sooner we get organized the better, because I believe that all 4 tickets must be purchased as one bundle as they did last year.


Feel free to post here with a suggested date if next week doesn't work. Also feel free to post any other additional items you'd like to discuss at the up-and-coming meeting.




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Side question:  I hear a lot about OFCC and the event but as of yet haven't really found a comprehensive "what it's about" other than gleaning that (a) it's a tournament-type thing for multiple games; (b) in a hotel; © in Oregon?


If it's an annual road trip type of thing and it's not too much trouble, even if just tossing a "you idiot Don look here" link, that'd be gravy.  I like to long-term plan stuff to accomodate scheduling and used to do tournaments, am always a designated driver and can run security for our team should someone get out of line (on either side).  :)

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I'll take a shot at this, but I'm expecting help.....(looks at the peanut gallery)

The Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge (OFCC) is an invitation only event, with tournament style-ing.  What I mean by this is that the event is ran like a tournament, but it's impact is so very much more, and this is where is gets a little tricky :D.  I think the 'letter' of the OFCC does NOTHING to address the 'spirit' of the OFCC.  The tournament style-ings are all there, generalship, painting and conversions and sportsmanship, I remember you from back in the day Dalmer, so I feel pretty confident you have that aspect down, so I'll skip onto the tournament nuances.


It's a team event, they do this for several reasons, to help make more even matches between players, the goal isn't to OMFGBBQWTFPWN your opponent, but to hang out with a potential new friend for a couple hours, enjoy a cold one (this can be a cold water) and have fun playing a game with toys, and , even more importantly in my opinion (nothing humble here) build community.  The teams are comprised of 4, a captain and 3 team members.  Before the matches the captains meet and discuss best match ups and from there it gets pretty regular, roll for warlord traits etc etc.  In my opinion (again no humble) and many others, THE REAL PRIZE OF THE WEEKEND...are the favorite opponent pins.  You give this to your favorite opponent of the weekend, don't rush it, you'll know the game when you play it and if it's a difficult decision, you've done EVERYTHING correctly.


It is a once a year event.  It will happen again next year and the year after, so If you miss this one, you'll have another chance next year and it's usually at the same time every year.


Also, you need to find a team.  Find a captain and ask if he has open spots.  Once you've been to one OFCC, and you don't behave like a total asshat (it happens), you are will then be eligible to be a captain.  That's how you get to go to OFCC


from your quote here:


I like to long-term plan stuff to accomodate scheduling and used to do tournaments, am always a designated driver and can run security for our team should someone get out of line (on either side).  :)

it sounds like you're prime to be a 'beer caddie', which is a clever way the Warhamsters came up with to include more people in the event, but I may be incorrect about that.


The 'Spirit' of the OFCC is where this event gets tricky.  I believe it's where most of the forum debates stem, but I think it's important, very important.  Everyone's 'spirit' of the OFCC is unique and personal, this is where our theories of how and why the game should be played collide.  For me, OFCC is the biggest community building event in the hobby, period, PERIOD.  It's about bring the most prominent clubs in the Northwest together to game.  The fame of the OFCC is growing, the interest in attending the OFCC is growing, which in my opinion means the community is growing.  It's not just about 40k either, it's about table top gamer community.


Loren get the hell off the soap box......that's my piece, thanks for reading, I hoped it helped :D

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And on a side note... I'm off on vacation during that time so if you need transportation, a shooter, someone to lift heavy stuff, etc. etc.  lemme know.


In no way, shape or form will I try and get any worthy person's spot since (a) I dunno the game mechanics still and (b) not the party crashing type.  But who knows, you might just need a driver down and/or back.

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I'm driving the mini-van down again this year, I think.


Don - There will be lots of different events going on at the OFCC this year, even aside from the main Club Challenges themselves. Worth a trip even if you're not playing in one of the tournaments, and a great way to get an idea of how amazing this hobby can be. You'll see armies that will make your jaw drop, and an event hall full of sweaty gamers. Quite the spectacle! :)

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If you feel like giving up a weekend to hang out with a bunch of gamer geeks, running a beer caddie role might be fun for you.  Meet new people, watch games and learn, and hang out with like 99 guys and 1 female. (Maybe 2 if we are lucky). As Intrinzic put it, its all about the relationships and friends.  The games are just a fun part to the weekend. Friday night / Saturday night are always good fun with more time to re-connect / make new friends.  There are games (board and tabletop), movies, hanging out and talking, the list goes on.

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Hello there,


Thanks for the information folks.  I guess I will toss the following out there: 


I will make plans to attend if (a) anyone needs a teammate or (b) anyone needs a "beer caddie." 


My 6th edition experience is next to nil... 1 game against someone that knew what they were doing.  But my schedule is finalized and I have *tons* of days off and will be scheduling learning-curve games as of next week.  However, I used to play 3rd edition tournaments all the time and held my own.  Even did well at the Vancouver GT back when GW hosted such events.  So no stranger to the competitive aspect but I will be strictly a fun player in this incarnation.


Jayne_Cobbb, I googled "40k DMB" and that's the tournament on the east side, right?  I have August 2nd and 3rd off and would only need to check the Friday schedule but would love to attend if a team needs me or if folks are looking for companions.


I reckon now that I have a ton of personal stuff squared away and work has settled, I can get into the local gaming scene.  My boy Dawson (13) also is my sidekick and wants to play as well.  Very mature for 13 and will most likely accompany me during my outings, as he wants to live with me full time.


Stay safe,



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So. We decided to postpone the meeting for a week due to low attendance. The 2 primary things we want to discuss were:


1. Figuring out OFCC teams. Luckily this was mostly taken care of between the time I called the meeting and when it took place. That said, we do still have a few orphans who are looking for a 4th member for the team.


2. Discussing the Fantasy Event as a qualifier for the US Masters tournament circuit.


Anyone interested in participating in either of the subjects above, we'll be giving it another shot next week, Tuesday 4/29.


If there is anything else anyone can think of that you'd like to discuss, feel free to post here or PM me and we'll get it added. Regardless, the meeting should be short and sweet.


Thank you


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