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I have Wood! 5/6 Gaming

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If I am free then yeah I am in.Loren whatever game we are playing...well let's just say I hope you have a God to pray to because it's going to be he'll on earth. The dead will walk the streets the living will riot the cities. Whatever game it is I hope you bring your big boy pants. I will allow pullups but only this once.

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So, about this 40k thing....


Look I know everyone’s butt-hurt about 2++. I know Deathstars have a bad rap but they are really really fragile. Its usually an 80-0point investment in something that can (unless its jetseer) go horribly wrong 70% of the time.


That said I've dropped the 2 codex + a Dataslate ScreamerStar with that dirty, dirty Be'lakor and have instead gone with a respectable 1850 Daemons/IG combination.

I am trying to prepare for a tournament in August and need as much practice as I can get. I welcome all 1850+ games and for those of you who don’t know me my playstyle is best described as intended as good natured chaotic-neutral and usually resulting in good natured chaotic messes.

If you can play 40k on Tues let me know. If you can play 40k on Wed…let me know. In fact, if you can play 40k in the next few weeks…please; let me know; I could use some help with IG.


-That is all. Spock out.


ps. Lately I've had to resort to going to MuGu and Card Kingdom to get weekly 40k games. This is dispiriting. Not the stores. The stores are really nice but the fact that DTG is here and MuGU is there and I can/have gotten a game in 30 min on FB any day of the week is weird. Has 40k died at DTG? That's all I have to say about that.

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