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Adepta Sororitas Battle Reports-8E to 9E codex

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First one is in the books.  Facebook link to pics is below.  I'll post up the report in a bit.



The armored fury of Nurgle was set upon by the Convent.  Blighthaulers to our right, Bloatdrones right-center, even a Land Raider centered and 2 PlagueCrawlers on opposing right and left flanks all armored up and ready to fight were present.  Pox Walkers were mostly to the left and center to take objectives.  Nurglings skulked in ruins or behind Creates.  It was a whole lot of fortitude daring the Sisters to even try.

To my right the Arco-Flagellents, two small squads of the Argent Shroud sisters and my Retribuors hid in the shadow of a big icy rock formation with "Uriah".  In front of a more central rock formation were the Dominion and Exorcsists.  Almost the rest of the force was left center, except for five brave Argent Shroud sisters to the far left intent on an objective of their own.

There were four objectives, Dawn of War deployment.  My objectives were Recon, Old School and and Big Game Hunter.


The slow moving Nurgle were tricky and took the initiative.  They trudged their Blighthaulers, and Land Raider (a trundling trap) forward with the Pox Walkers doing the same as fast as their decrepit bodies would allow, bet they could level only limited shots given range, terrain and the like.  The mortars did do well, but the Valorous Hearts of the Sisters were undaunted and only lost a couple of Retributors and some of Pink squad when it was said and done.  Notably they did put six wounds on an exorcist.  Nurglings moved up to claim an objective on my left., from behind terrain where they had been skulking.

The Sisters surged forward in response, advancing upfield with alacrity and conviction.  Celestine leaped forth 18" using Holy Rage and mashed into the Bloat Drone while the Retributors came out and killed one of the Blight Haulers and wounded another (much less than hoped).  The Arco Flagellent on the right advanced as well in preparation for next round, corralling the enemy in.  the ladies of the argent Shroud quietly advanced on the far left as well, seeing the Poxwalkers there and shot a couple of them without a word spoken.


Nurgle Plaguecrawlers fired down on the Exorcist, planting the 10th wound on it, and the Poxwalkers swarmed Celestine.  She struck the Drone down but the Poxwalkers put a serious amount of attacks into her.  She was nearly felled by the sheer volume of them.  Pox walkers again moved towards the objective to the left, now taking control of it.  The Blight Haulers tried to kill Exorcists as well, and that left precious little fire left for the many Sisters of Battle.  Some of th Land Raiders fire found its mark against the Pink Squad approaching with Meltaguns, and the Lascannons miraculously did not finish the job on any Exorcists! The Emperor protects.  Two Chaos Warlord had gotten out of the Land Raider and prepared to defend the right flank.  The last Plague Drone jumped the rock in the center to try and kill the Celestian Squad but didnt make the charge.

The Celestian Squad took the rear objective in my deployment zone, while the other squads moved forward again.  Pink Squad shot forward and fired their Meltaguns.  The Red Squad moved towards the Argent Shroud sisters to my left and, between the two, annihilated the Pox walkers who had taken the Objective there with combined fire.  The Retributor Squad and Exorcists killed the remaining BlightHaulers and the Belligerent Bloat drone.  The Sisters of Battle hurt the Land Raider badly, leaving it with but 5 wound left.  Celestine once again wailed on Poxwalkers and once again was surprised by their volume of attacks.


The Land Raider swung to my right to flee danger and get a firing angle on the Exorcist, killing one.   The Plague Crawlers could no longer contribute to that effort and had to turn their tender mercies on Sisters of Battle, killing the unit of Argent Shroud Sisters to my left, and cutting the Dominion squad in half.  the Poxwalkers continued to wound Celestine though with far more efficacy and she was down to one wound.  The Chaos Lords fired their weapons, but kept their distance.  The forces of Nurlge were rapidly losing their strength.

The Sisters pressed forward.  The left objective was now firmly under Sororitas control, as was the home objective.  It was time to take the others.  Pink Squad shot and then made a charge on the Land Raider after failing to kill it, and caused the last wound..only a re-roll saved it.  Celestine broke from the Pox Walkers to allow her to charge into the Chaos lords, and she made it to one of the two but he lived.  The Retributors fired on the Plaguecrawler in the rear right deployment while dominion re positioned and fired on the Poxwalkers Celestine had left behind, finishing them with help from other Sisters.  The two remaining Exorcists decided to try and finish the PlagueCrawler in the far left corner to seal that flank for good.  The Arco-Flagellents charged and got all but one wound off of the Plague Crawler on the right side.


The Plague Crawler fired and charged to try and explode on us and the LandRaider fought valiantly to the end, auto-exploding and taking Celestine down, along with a large number of Sisters in the radius.  The Chaos Lord who hadn't yet charged, did and was caught in the blast.  There wasn't much left on the board.

The Sisters cut down the last PlagueCrawler with ease, ended the last of the PoxWalkers in his zone that were huddling behind some crates using the few remaining Dominion, and then a resurrected Celestines charge.  The Nurgle forces were tabled.

Final score 37-10



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Yeah I mean i have a shooty version which i have played very well, which is most of these batreps.  Then there is this list which is diametrically the opposite of that.  My shooting phase is quite lim

Another battle fought, this time the new Space Wolves.  Not as lengthy, got tied up chatting and forgot to take more pics.  I used my normal list this time, not Bloody Rose.   https://www.faceboo

I'm not familiar with the new sisters book so I can't give you specific advice on what to take, but I can say what to watch out for and what hurts DE. Things to watch out for: -Don't try to

Posted Images

Just finished my second game with the Sisters.  fought Papa Nurgle.  I absorbed his worst in a serious way.  It was great!

Retributors did 20 wounds to a Plagueburst Crawler.  Kaboom, Super sweet.  They were GOING to wreck a Daemon Prince as well but he conceded.  

Dominion powered through some Terminators who dropped in my backfield.  did 7 wounds to them, and they only saved 2.  So down went 5 Terminators, plus another to the bolter fire and Grenade.Failed Morale.  Poof.

Celestine died after failing to kill a Rhino (she jumped 18" as in last game and charged it, then locked up his Deredeo Dreadnought), but then butchered his backfield Chaos Marines and took the bonus point the rest of the game.

Sisters of Battle pressed forward, ever forward and weathered a storm of fire, taking a pretty fair number of losses but once in position, his aggression turned to horror as the fusilade of Meltaguns and Bolters backed by Mircale dice crumpled his Nurgle Marines.

Exorcists just about killed the Daredeo in two volleys, and then they blasted the last Plague Crawler in the following round.  One got eaten by the Daemon Prince but two was enough, as with the Stratagem I totaled 16 shots.

Arco-Flagellents for once were left with nothing to do until the Obliterators showed up.  Then they rushed out into the open in their underwear.  The Obliterators were kinda forced to try killing the last two Exorcists, and hope the Arcos couldn't reach them after that but...  they could.  54 attacks later, there were no Obliterators.

Really, it was Hammer and Anvil Deployment (bad), but with Sisters going first (good).

There just was almost nothing left after 3 rounds.  Round 4 would have been a tabling.




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On 1/2/2020 at 4:58 AM, Frowbakk said:

How do you find you're using Miracle Dice in the first couple of turns?

As guaranteed Advance rolls for greater distance in order to get Celestine in position for a first turn charge?

Using low numbers for guaranteed wound rolls from the Exorcist?

Etcetera, Ad nauseam...

Inquiring minds want to know.

Celestine got my lucky 6 to advance.  Average roll is still better than the set 3.  She locked up a rhino and Daredeo so that was huge utility.  She's kinda a no brainer for it.   Actually you could go crazy and add TWO with the Stratagem in turn one if you have Beacon of Hope.

In round 1 my Retributors are using it to wound twice.  With re-roll on damage, I'm willing to take that chance but I wanna wound.  Did 20 wounds that way.  Awesome.  Enough to kill a plague crawler in one go.  Whuuuut.  Not easy to do.

You cannot use Miracle Dice for number of shots btw.  Nat leeeegal.  Charging is the only time you really get to use two MD at one time.  Rules.  But two separate rolls are possible with Simulacrum.  Advancing seeems like it will be a really useful thing to use Miracle dice for.  I did that also.  Love getting into juice range w them multimeltas!!!

Early on, but...  that's what I'm doing.



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Any use of the Moment of Grace Stratagem?

Being able to add 1, 2, or 3 to a hit, wound or save roll AFTER the dice roll seems pretty powerful for 1 CP.

I'm intending to use that and the Ebon Chalice "Discard a Miracle Dice and the other is a '6' " ability to keep my vehicles alive with the 6++ save against a couple of nasty shots.

Should get the chance at Mugu on Saturday.

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4 hours ago, Frowbakk said:

Any use of the Moment of Grace Stratagem?

Being able to add 1, 2, or 3 to a hit, wound or save roll AFTER the dice roll seems pretty powerful for 1 CP.

I'm intending to use that and the Ebon Chalice "Discard a Miracle Dice and the other is a '6' " ability to keep my vehicles alive with the 6++ save against a couple of nasty shots.

Should get the chance at Mugu on Saturday.

Sounds good.  I haven't had occasion to use that Stratagem at all, oddly.  It's just been a competing priority between wanting to do something else with my Die, and the importance or potential impact of the failed save we were worrying about.  I can see how that would really help a mechanized force stay upright though.  I do like that idea!



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Got a game in against Red Corsairs.  Fast damn army.  Did NOT help that I forget my Arcos and Missionary at home for the 4th game in a row.  Said F it, and played anyways.

Still managed to kill everything except 1 Havoc trapped in melee with me, one Terminator who laughed at my exorcist fire for two straight rounds, and just 1 poxwalker.  

Red Corsair speed allowed him to put up a hell of a fight though.


Screenshot_20200110-224334_ITC Battles.jpg

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1 hour ago, ZeroStride said:

Just wanted to say I'm digging the battle reports. Working on building Sisters up as a 40k army (been focused entirely on Kill Team this last year).

Keep em coming!

There's the link for the pics of this game against mechanicus.  Read the pics in order.  captions added.


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Took my first loss today.  Reeeeeeally long game.  Cat and mouse for the first 4 turns.  Epic chess match but in the end it was a loss for the Sisters of Battle finally.  Had to happen eventually.

Terrain played really big, and my choice of objectives forced me to be more aggressive than I really should have tried to be.  Forgot rules a couple times which hurt also.  Overall It was fun, even though a loss.  Tough opponent.


Screenshot_20200121-005922_ITC Battles.jpg

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A very confident Astra Militarum player let me know I was going to lose today.  He got the pointy Hammer and Anvil deployment.  Sneaky sneakyness in his list.   Relic battle cannon, Emperors wrath artillery and he took assassins to sneak around me, scions to descend and whallop me, troops to shield and to gank objectives.  He had the assassin shenanigan that drain your cp.  It was pretty good at doing it too.  

And all we had were pretty faces.


Screenshot_20200208-211828_ITC Battles.jpg

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We need distraction.  A Battle report...WITH PICS!!!  



Also:  incredibly helpful information about how to better use Tabletop Simulator:  

Quick Army generation in Tabletop Simulator (TTS):
1. Make list in battlescribe
2. Save as roster file (rosz)
3. Import the list into battlescribe2tts.net, and get a code.
4. Search the TTS workshop for your army models and save.
5. Search the TTS workshop for battlescribe2tts and save.
6. Create game with your army models.
7. Grab a sample of each model used in the list. Drag to select the models, and right click and Save object on the models.
8. Load battlescribe2tts. Import your saved object model examples. (I generally have to switch to a 6x4 board as the models fall off)
9. Paste code from battlescribe2tts.net into the text box and Submit Code.
10. Click on the description of the model and then the model to link them. Success is a purple colored text box.
11. Generate army. Save the army as a Saved Object by selecting the army and right clicking on a model and choosing Save Object
12. Your army is ready for battle! To load your army, join a game, and click the objects button and Saved Objects, and drag the icon onto the table.
Battlescribe2tts.net, not .com


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What are you finding your favorite stratagems are?

Before the dark times, I was really a fan of Blind Faith (for my VH exorcists to ignore those pesky flying things and Alpha Legion) and then I've used the "discard 1-3 miracle dice, add 1-3 to a roll" several times also.

I only got to 750 in escalation, but I've been working hard on my "very zealous supporters of the emperor and totally not Khorn-curious" Bloody Rose, so I'm expecting to use Tear Them Down quite a bit. (Ignore the chains and knives and skulls. Those are just enthusiastic implements of a loyal order militant.)

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12 hours ago, ZeroStride said:

I only got to 750 in escalation, but I've been working hard on my "very zealous supporters of the emperor and totally not Khorn-curious" Bloody Rose, so I'm expecting to use Tear Them Down quite a bit.

Do you want attacked by the Sons of Malice, cuz that's how you get attacked by the Sons of Malice. 

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