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I did a thing... Picked up Wildfire


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OK - New job in November is about 5-6 minutes from Glimpses ... I have been I a couple times on my lunch hour and looked at the Operation Wildfire box more than a few times.  Yesterday I bit the bullet and got it.  I was told that Infinity is played Thursdays starting @ 6.  I will try to drop in next week to refresh myself with the game.  A few years ago I picked up Icestorm and US Ariadna.  I had played a few demos - but then just didn't get back into it - or played more 40k at the time.  Then it wasn't convenient to play at WoW or a shop after work. 

But things have changed now - to trying to get back into a regular gaming thing.  Any local meta I need to be aware of?  expectations? new books or materials?


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So Infinity is broken up in Portland. There is Infinity on Thursdays at Glimpses and, for Ordo, games on Sunday. There's a few other places but I don't personally know their times very well.

Unless you're into fluff, like collecting them, or maybe if you learn better by having the physical book you can read them, you don't need to buy them. Rules are available 100% free online on their wiki. http://infinitythewiki.com/en/Main_Page
Materials wise, if you got Wildfire it should have all the templates you need. Only other thing you'll need is a tape measure which, if you've played 40k, I'm pretty sure you have.

Otherwise, expectations, just know that Infinity is a complicated game. It will take time to learn. The very basics should be simple (turn structure, face-to-face mechanics) but as long as you are willing to stick to it then you'll do just fine.

Oh, and one thing since you're coming from 40k. The mentality for Infinity list building is very different. There generally isn't a 'Meta' list. You can't spam the one unit that is flavor of the month and expect to win a game of Infinity. There is a relatively popular saying in the Infinity community in that "It's not your list, it's you." The game and units are all very well balanced, so it's all about getting that experience under you belt and learning what your play style is. There is no magic bullet for suddenly winning. It's also why you don't really see net lists like you do for 40k.

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Two further amendments: the full rulebooks are available at www.infinitythegame.com, which is a lot easier to read than the wiki. Also, just a heads up, the new edition of the rules will be released sometime late summer, I believe sometime in August. So if you learn everything now, expect there to be changes coming. Not to chase you away or discourage you, just to let you know that things may be different in varying degrees. It's supposed to be a streamlining of the current system, not a wholesale rewrite, so it shouldn't be too bad. 

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Adam  @thediceabide, and Jon @WiseKensai are the two warcors in Portland, they both regualarly play at Glimpses. Adam lives in Sherwood, and Jon works at intel, lives on the westside, so Glimpses is their most convenient shop. I'm sure they'd both be happy to help teach the game, the local meta is very welcoming. chill. 

As people have said there is no meta list. Which is good, because things are not cookie cutter. But also has its down sides, its hard to copy someone else's play and "do alright." The game has a lot of general rule that apply to everything are are shared accross factions, and very few rules which are restricted to 1 or a handful of factions, so it can be overwhelming at first to lean all the general rules. 

Play some smaller games with Adam and Jon, and don't be concerned about winning, just be concerned about trying stuff and seeing what things do.


And as you start to make your own lists, as said there is not a magic list but there are some good general guidelines;

1. Spend all/most your SWC, these points buy you more powerful guns/profiles, not spending them leaves points on the table,

2. Bring a variety of guns, so you can be effective at a variety of ranges,

3. Bring a mix of cheap guys and powerful guys. Cheap guys fulfill lots of purposes, pushing buttons, watching you six, etc., but they also provide orders more cost effectively which lets you do things. A powerful expenseive guy only can be activated once on his own during a turn. If he has cheap friends you can activate him more giving your more options. Finding a good mix of expensive and cheap guys that works for you is a large part of developing your play style.

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Well my main concern will be painting my figures - rule of cool typically dominates my hobby - so nothing new here.  I have tried Infinity (I have a fully/mostly painted US Ariadna force).  But I am thinking that perhaps it wasn't the right force to learn with.  I have done some demo days at WOW of the game a few years ago - so I am rusty on things.  I look forward to some good demo games - that's for sure.  I have the ICESTORM box as well from a few years ago as well - so a basic PANo and Nomad (not painted) group as well.

I'm looking to play and have fun and try to get regular games in to start with (over the next 4-6 months).  After that ... just have some fun - and have another game that I can feel fairly confident with playing regularly.  I will never be looking to play at a tourney level.  Just having fun - painting, building terrain and playing when I can.


p.s.  I am off work at 4pm - and could meet up at glimpses by 4:30 easily most nights for some learning games.  I live in Hubbard which is only about 25 minutes from glimpses (only takes me 20 minutes to get to work). 

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