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The Columbia Clash 7/25 - 7/26

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I am happy to announce that currently, OFCC is still set for a GO for July 25/26 at the Hilton in Vancouver Washington. With that, we will once again be running the Ninth Age tournament, this year being dubbed "The Columbia Clash".

Name: The Columbia Clash

Days: Sat/Sun 7/25 - 7/26

Rules: The Ninth Age 2.0, latest army rules as of 7/18/2020

Points: 4500

Rounds: 5

Pairings: Swiss style

Cost: $50

Painting: 3 Color minimum + basing is REQUIRED (Lets get some paint on those models. Depending on how this social distancing thing pans out I am happy to help batch paint some models and get them TT ready.)

The tournament packet is still in the works. As always, I will be trying some new things out to try and make this year unique, and removing some of the more bothersome things from last year.

Expect to again see tertiary objectives, but in a new style. 

Expect some odd special rules.

Expect some different Scenarios.

Expect some nautical themes.

COVID-19 Disclaimer: Obviously nobody at Ordo Fanaticus has clairvoyance to what the future may hold. We have all heard wildly different estimates as to when an event such as OFCC will be permissible. The top brass at Ordo are in contact with the venue (Hilton) and are staying up to date. As information rolls out from the Hilton, we will keep you informed. It is too early to say what the contingency will be if July 25/26 does not work out. See a post from @DisruptiveConduct following this post on the latest information on ticket sales and event updates. My current understanding is we should expect updates by the second week of each month. If there are no updates as of the second week of the month, I highly encourage everyone to PM pictures of their genitalia to @DisruptiveConduct to expedite the process.

With that out of the way I will be updating this post as new information regarding the Columbia Clash are developed. I hope to see you all this year.

Be smart, be safe, paint models.

Get your tickets here!


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