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Cabin Fever Painting Frenzy Challenge week 10!!!

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Another week another challenge.   Since I was late putting up the post we'll need a quick challenge. 


Thus the special challenge for thus week is another speed painting competition!!


Go from primed to as painted as you can in 30 minutes!!!  Feel free to paint disassembled if you prefer, only time spent painting counts.  Post your results here.

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Been spending most of the week playing with my new printer and doing household projects, but I did manage to try my hand at the Speed Painting Challenge... In fact, I’m still waiting for the last two layers of paint to dry as I type this.

I found a statute of The Rhino on Thingiverse, played around with the scale to get something that seemed right for Marvel Crisis Protocol and four and a half hours later... Ta-da! 



Here’s a shot of the Rhino’s rump. You get a better sense of just how massive he is from this angle.

I think he needs a bit more highlighting on his face, plus some grass tufts and dry-brushing on his base... But he’s good enough for a speed painting figure.

There aren’t any official rules for the Rhino in MCP (at least, not yet) but I figure he could be a decent proxy for Crossbones (although I’ve mounted him on the medium sized base).


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20 hours ago, Ish said:

May I just say, once again, how amazed I am at just how clean the white is on your White Scars.

I mean... Damn.

Thanks! I’ve messed around with several approaches to white, and I’ll probably continue to. For vehicles like this I prime with pure white and the paint on Ulthuan Gray almost using a dryrush technique so there’s very little paint on the brush. It takes a while, but I like how it comes out. 

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