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15mm Bolt Action using FoW models, Where to start with FoW


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I have been wanting to get into a smaller scale model war game and have interest in FoW but the rules don't really grab me like Bolt Action does. I think using 15mm FoW style models with the BA rule set could be great for larger battles. Has anyone tried this or interested in trying it?

Second question is about where to start with FoW. I have an interest in a German DAK army or Soviets but I am kind of confused as to what I would need beyond the rulebook and models. What would you suggest for someone starting out?

Thank you!

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Next step is to determine the period you want to play. DAK is mid war, but soviets could be mid or late. That will determine the army book you need to get and expected opponents too. I'd then suggest getting one of the box armies that BF makes. Not because they are great or anything, but the latest ones have units that are going to be supported. I have lots of models and even armies that are no longer supported by FoW due to being from an earlier edition. So safe bet is to buy latest.

I've just finished reading the rules for 4th and was considering getting back into playing. For the most part they seem interesting. I think the big changes from previous are the additional movement rules, and the new rules on motivation tests to stay in the game. You can also get away with just buying the unit cards for a faction to build a list.

All that being said, 3rd edition FoW rules and books are really easy to find and pretty cheap too. You might want to see if those rules strike you as any better. Depends on what your issues are.

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I had thought about making a "Travel Flames of War" game set using GHQ 6mm stuff.  The conversion is very easy, instead of Inches use centimeters. So, the table would be 36cm x 72cm instead of 36"x72".        But, I like the idea of using Bolt-Action rules and FOW pieces, that way won't have to buy all new 6mm models and all new 6mm terrain.  Will have to look into it !!!

I don't know Bolt Action rules. To convert 28mm to 15 mm,  If the system measures by inches, then simply replace all " (inch) symbol reference to cm. This is actually pretty close to the correct ratio.

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I started to base extra infantry models that I have for FoW on small washers so the figures are individually based for use in Chain of Command. My entire reason for skipping the 28mm models that are pretty common for games like Bolt Action and Chain of Command is that I already have a large FoW collection and I wanted to avoid collecting in two different scales. Same logic applies to the terrain that I have collected. Additionally smaller scales are less expensive. I think you are on the right track if you are wanting to play both FoW and Bolt aciton.

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Well, try this: 

 use a 2'x3' table - (I think 2'1-1/2" x 3'2" is correct conversion of 28mm to 15mm)

use FOW miniatures and terrain - setup the 2x3 table like you would a bolt action table.

reduce all Bolt Action measurements & & ranges by half 

have fun.

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