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OFCC Warriors of Moustache - 2nd Draft

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Second Draft - broke out the Swans to be characters instead of Skullcrushers, bulked up the core.  



2796 pts   Unmarked Warriors of Chaos


Chaos Lord  (343 pts)

Barded Daemonic Mount, Chaos Armor, Lance, Shield

Handlebar of Many Eyes (ASF,Stupidity) Talisman of Preservation (4+ ward), Potion of Foolhardiness (immune to Psych, Dev Charge)



Sorceress, Lvl 2 Fire (245 pts)

Barded Daemonic Mount, Chaos Armor

Sivejir's Hex Scroll (Roll over enemy caster's level to turn into frog)


Sorceress, Lvl 2 Shadow (245 pts)

Barded Daemonic Mount, Chaos Armor

Staff of Sorcery (+1 Dispel attempts), Opal Amulet (4+ Ward vs. first wound)




24 Chaos Warriors (405 pts)

Full Command, Handweapon/Shield

Standard of Discipline (+1 Leadership, can't use General's Inspiring Presence)


18 Chaos Warriors (310 pts)

Full Command, Handweapon/Shield

Banner of Eternal Flame (Flaming Attacks)


30 Marauders (280 pts)

Full Command, Handweapon/Shield, Light Armor


5 Marauder Horsemen (85 pts)

Musician, Spears


5 Warhounds (40 pts)



Chariot (110 pts)




5 Chaos Knights (275 pts)

Full Command, Lances

War Banner (+1 combat resolution)


3 Chaos Ogres (133 pts)

Musician, Great Weapons


War Shrine (125 pts)




Hell Cannon (210 pts)




Lords        343    12%

Heroes      490    18%

Core         1220   44%

Special      533    19%

Rare          210    8%

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Wait, this is soft? :laugh:


Sorry, it just seems to me that WoC can almost never bring a soft list. It is the strongest book with the strongest choices, IMO, with Dark Elves right behind.


Though the Murauders, only one chariot and a lvl 2 is something I don't ever see. Everything else has killed me dead at some point. But I don't play them so I am a bad judge here.


Maybe we can have a game to compare our lists together on the table. If you live in Portland.

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I wouldn't call this list too soft, though I can see where you may feel that way. Warriors is an easy list to power up, and I like this build. You have some good combat and support units and can do some damage with the right tactics. I personally would try to squeeze another wizard in for some more support, but is probably not essential at this event.

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Made a second pass at the list, breaking out the Skullcrushers into characters - a chaos lord and two sorceress'.  Put them on Daemonic Mounts to represent the angry swans.  They'll run about by themselves and support as much as possible.  I can see it getting tricky with keeping them out of LOS.


Are the Warrior blocks too big?  I could bust out a small unit of Forsaken (like 6 guys) from the largest and have them run around.  They wouldn't be mutated though - maybe with the White Wolf heads instead of helmets to show they're a different unit.  Or I could make them Chosen but I would rather keep them as Core (vs. Special).


Thanks for all the feedback so far! 

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