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1550pt "WW2 Begins" Early War FOW Tournament, official thread


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Number of Players: 10


G#1 Hasty Attack

G#2 Free-For-All

G#3 Pincer


Best Allied General: Tie between Derek and Michael H.

Best Axis General: Ryan M

Best Painted: Steve Z. with some very close followers.


20150221 Gg Ew 1550pt tourney round final scoring




What: "WW2 Begins" 1550pt Early-War Flames of War Tournament
Where: Guardian Games, www.ggportland.com
Date: February 21st, 2015
Player Check in       9:15 AM- 9:45 AM
Player Meeting        9:45 AM
Round 1 (2h15m) start 10:00 AM
Round 2 (2h15m) start 1:15 PM
Round 3 (2h15m) start 4:00 PM
Awards Ceremony start 6:30 PM

Lists: BF approved v3 early war lists. Terrain will represent all early-war FoW theaters. Email lists to pdxwar@gmail.com

Entry Fee: $20  (goes towards prize support)
Awards: Best Axis General, Best Allies General, Best Painted/Presentation

How to Sign Up:
Register ahead of time via paypal to SteveM (pdxwar@gmail.com) or to in person/phone at Guardian Games beforehand. They will have sign up sheet. Require 8 players to register ahead of time to hold tournament. Then post on forum thread you are registered and if you are bringing axis or allied company.

Organizer: SteveM. pdxwar@gmail.com


Updated 2015.02.20.1415

# paid      Player                  List Confirmed, Company/Nation (axis/allies)


1. yes    Mike/fingolfen          No, Axis German

1. yes     DanielM                    yes, German Motorized Rifle Company

2. no      Anthony??               no, Germans/Italians?

3. no      Zach??                    no, Germans/Italians?

4. no      SteveZ/Zeke              Yes, German FJ




x.  no      Ryan/lazarus             no, can do French Axis if needed for balance.

x. yes    SteveM/taran shannara yes, Japanese Infantry Company




1. yes     Michael/LordGrumpus Yes, Allies British/Indian

2. no     Derek/dvang               yes, Dutch infantry company  - source Netherlands-1940.pdf http://www.flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/Documents/Briefings/Early-war/Netherlands-1940.pdf

3. yes    Aeroflotte                   No, (Neutral) Norwegian http://www.flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/Documents/Briefings/Early-war/Norwegian-1940.pdf

4. yes    Daniel/Apophis93      No, Early War British - LRDG or Armored Infantry which ever will suit…

5. yes    James/barca                      yes, Soviet Strelkovy (Red Army) from the Barbarossa book



x . no      Ryan/lazarus              No, French Foreign Legion for this one. or a light mech division.

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