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Sunday? Why yes!

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We had a full house tonight! Thank you all for coming! Keith'Orcs of Undeath beat Will's High Elves.  Will had terrible luck. Brad's WE  lost to Jeremy's Ogres. Nate beat Colin's Lizards in a 1000 point game. Then, Nate's beardy Dwarfs blasted Evan's Daemons. John and Daron hung out for a bit.


See you next week.

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I can make it down this Sunday if anyone wants a game against my Goblin list 2400-2500 points:)


Its probably not that competitive of a list but I need the "learnin" so if anyones looking for a game to try out some new things chime in and ill show up:)


so i think colin did a superb job.  he's quite far along for only playing a few games!  much farther than when i started so hats off to him.  basically i think the next thing we need to work on is our movement to get into position for charges(make sure he accounts for marching!), yet giving our opponent difficult ones or 'anvil' a unit(which warriors and temple guard are good at doing) so we can counter charge.  against dwarfs you got to use your movement more to position yourself for multi charges.  against most other things you'll want to probably anvil more with that list.  with beast magic you will have higher combat potential so use that also to your advantage.  and retrospect, he said he really wanted to have savage beast instead of curse of anraheir but i think he should have taken curse.  he had too few of targets for savage beast and curse is SO good against an infantry army.  

i think what he probably needs to add to that army next is definitely skink skirmishers.  they are fantastic.  i actually kind of like the cohort, but id rather have a bigger block of saurus or skink skirmishers.  

he's doing great and really smart kid!  next time he wants to play let me know and ill bring a 1k list that will be more 'fun' for him.  i threw that together but really it was a pretty strong 1k list thinking about it retrospect.  so im sorry about that...  a team game would probably be super fun for him.

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