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Bellingham Warhamsters Game Night - 2/3/2015


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40k OFCC is calling my name and I really need to try out my list (it will have a few proxies). I really need some practice against some Marines, Tau or Eldar. If anybody has any of those armies and wants to play let me know. If any other people with any other armies want to play I would definitely be game. Again it is at 2k points.

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Yes please, I think so! I've got armoured mortars, and I'm pretty sure they just sit in the back fired and blow stuff up.


FWIW, I'm planning on taking:


2 armored rifle platoons

1 armored machine gun platoon

1 armored mortar platoon

1 tank destroyer platoon

1 sherman platoon


All should be veterans, and I hope it's a reasonable list. I feel like there's a little of everything in it, and I love how the rifle companies have a bit of everything (bazookas, mortars, machine guns, and rifles).

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