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Visiting Vancouver, WA today. Best restaurant?


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Interesting enough, I'm working on a "where to eat" for our wedding guest web page today...here is my current list:


Piazza Italia -  Very wonderful Italian in the Pearl District
Ate oh Ate - Best Hawaiian in Portland
Podnah's Pit - Comfort / BBQ food
Apizza Scholls - Pizza with attitude...warning, this place tends to be very busy.
Lovely's Fifty Fifty - Another great Pizza place, that also has Ice Cream!
Paadee - Very popular Thai food - Call ahead!
Ox - Delicious meat...it can be found here.
Fifth Quadrant -  Comfortable Brewpup with great food.
Salt and Straw - Portland's Famous Ice Cream (if you go here without Allison, she might be upset with you)
Por Que No - Mexican...get the Bryan's Bowl!
Gravy -  Go here for breakfast, you won't be hungry til the next day.
Olympia Provisions - If here for the weekend, their brunch is stellar.
Blue Star Donuts - Forget that "other" famous Donut shop in Portland, if you want a real donut, go here.
Dar Salam - Iraqi Cuisine...so good...best eaten with friends.
Bombay Cricket Club - Indian and Middle Eastern food, and some great drinks too!
Fire on the Mountain - Wings, Beer and Lots of other great food!
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I will get this stuff in time.  Keep posting!


I am at Gamestorm starting Thursday.  We're down at the Hilton Vancouver (301 W 6th) right on Esther Short Park (a block or two north of the Red Lion where we've had Ordo events).


I'm familiar with Tommy O's and a few others right in the area (Tiger Garden (Thai), Little Italy's Trattatoria, Torque Coffee and the occasional food truck that comes to their parking lot as well as the Farmer's Market, of course)....


Anything else worth noting in walking distance for a gaming con?  Reasonably fast sit down or "fast" food is probably preferred.

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Low Bar next to Tommy O's has some amazing stuff, and good drinks.


The Grocery on 7th and Washington is pretty darn good too. 


There's also Willem's on Main. and Charlie's Tapas and Whiskey bar a bit further away on Main st that are really good, but sit down places that aren't exactly cheap.


I think your best bet will be the Farmer's Market that is reopening this Saturday. It's right on Esther St at Esther Short Park and has tons of great local food options and some amazing street vendors.


I live in this area, so if you have any questions, let me know!

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