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okay has to be said, live theater rocks!


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So Mama Mia is super fun even better live. Got tickets to surprise the wife and having a blast.


Needed to be said.


Yay, Mount Baker theater in Bellingham Washington. So glad they made it historic and saved it highly recommend visiting it if you are ever around. They do free tours and the building is beautiful!

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I'm man enough to admit Phantom of the Opera blew my mind, wanna fight about it?



That's like saying "I'm man enough to admit Matrix blew my mind."  


So, yes, I guess I do wanna fight about it.  






Spoiling the wife was not the primary goal, nice perk but not the intention.


I always thought the perk came after you got home from the show.  


Theater is great.  The gal I had went to Kentucky with is really into Theater, so I benefited from a lot of immersion in the Bend theater scene with her before we moved.  Now I volunteer at one of the main Theaters in Southern Oregon.  Albeit, it's a regional theater, as opposed to local theater, but it does have two in house troupes, one adult and one teen.  I've seen the Teens do Shrek, Christmas Tale, Bye Bye Birdie and I believe one other that is currently slipping my mind.  I just started working graves a couple nights ago and just got home from work, a little brain fried.  Oh, anyway, the Teens do an amazing job.  I haven't seen any performances from the Adult troupe yet.  I did get to see the broadway production of Beauty and the Beast back September.  [big bad swear word]ing Amazing.

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