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DPs bin o 9th/AoS/whfb/infinity/randoms!

Don't Panic

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wife says i have to trim down the supply so im giving up on my empire army plus i have a lot of spare things so what i have is of the following:

1 hellblaster NIB- 15$

10 oop metal greatswords NIB -

5 oop metal centigors NIB +2 others and ghorros warhoof(he's painted) -sold

10 plastic chaos knights -

10 empire state troops NIB- 15$

1 empire hochland engineer- 5$

2 outriders/pistoliers- 5$(due to condition/terrible paint)

1 disc sorcerer with broken staff and no stand.  easily converted though... 10$

1 kazarak the one eye NIB 15$

10 slayers NIB 5$ per blister or 35$ for the lot(this is cheap...)

1 bugman- 10$

1 thanoquol end times hardback, still wrapped. 20$

2 sets of slayer command plus 2 other giant/dragon/daemon slayers(i use them as giants) and another muso. 8$ per command set, 4$ a giant slayer

huge variety of things that im not really sure what they are.  nurgle casters, WoC casters, exalted on foot(khorne hero), sig the magnificent(missing arm?), mounted sorcerer.  ill sell each of these guys for a negotiable price.  like 5 bucks a dude, and honestly id sell the whole lot for 20....


empire(keep in mind all old school!)

20 archers(painted) 15$

24 halbs(mostly painted) 15$

grand master 8$

great cannon 5$

karl franz on deathclaw 20$ 

2 empire wizard on foot 8$(12$ get you both)

empire wizard mounted 10$

war wagon 20$

ice queen of kislev mounted 10$

15 spearmen 10$

14 handgunners 10$

12 greatswords, FC 20$

100 gets you the lot of empire...




OnG(old school and most painted by 12 year old nate...)

black orc warboss character(omg i cant remember his name)

azhag the slaughterer on wyvern(metal) 20$

3 fanatics 10$ metal

skarsnik and gobbla 20$ metal

6 black orcs, banner muso 10$ metal

16 orcs 10$ painted

12 arrer boyz 10$ painted

4 boar riders 10$ painted

orc chariot 10$ painted

40 gets you the lot of ong(yes i want to get rid of them that badly...)


i also have a rather large slaanesh beastmen army that will only go for trade or for 300 all together:

~60 gor w/ AHW

10 ungor raiders

29 NOS ungor(options for either spear/shield/bows for raiders)

30 bestigor(10 NOS)

2 razorgor

gorthor the beastlord on chariot

tuskgor chariot

12 minotaurs


2xdoombull  1 is custom from scibor i converted to use as a daemon prince or a fly bull

great bray

2xbray shaman


giant(old metal)


5 hellstriders of slaanesh

BSB daemonic mount of slaanesh

festus the leechlord



joan of arc, NIB





1 imperial fighter pack

1 assault frigate

2 corvettes

2 nebs

2 rebel fighter squadron packs

+all materials from starter pack(ruler, astroids, cards, box, etc)!

+1 extra dice booster and just throwing in the cool bag as well.

*this includes all extra cards through the FIRST expansion set!  

*rebels are painted for jazz, see pic.

i will entertain offers for the lot or for imp/rebs.  if you offer for imp/rebs make sure to note that i will not include the starter materials(beyond ships, correct cards and squadrons to faction) unless it is a wholesale offer.  




i will take pretty decently favorable for you offers, but please ive received quite a bit of crazy lowball offers so something reasonable!... makes me think people are just wanting to pawn this stuff to sell on ebay for profit....


will take probably just moneyz/paypal.  would prefer in pdx but i can ship too just might take a wee bit of time to ship(maybe a week).  let me know if this link doesnt work.  first time posting pics so if there's better suggestions let me know!


im interested in infiinty models/supplies/terrain and also FAT mats for trade in your favor!


thanks all! nate



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getting out of fantasy games alltogether? :-(

nooooo.  i still have like 14k of dwarfs.  empire was just going to be my 'next' army and i dont feel the enthusiasm to start another one and rather would go find other games for my fix at the moment.  ill be playing KoW/AoS/8th with my main 2 armies.  as stated, the beastmen would need a decent offer and im not very confident they will get that and idc if they dont.  i just dont have much space for my ever growing miniature dilemma lol.

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I'm still interested in Empire, will need to ship though

i hear ya! sorry couldnt get pics up last night.  will try to today of the new stuff.  as said orc stuff is already gone, mostly just empire left and im assuming most people have seen my beastmen army but if someone wants a pic of it(and is serious about a trade) let me know. 

also, will you be at KoC the end of this month?  im pondering just going up by myself at this point and i could bring whatever you snag there(i hate shipping lol).

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Put a price on those beastmen. Are the minotaurs new or pop metal?

minotaurs are oop metal.  i have some pictures of a chunk of the army that i use.  im asking 300 for the lot of beasts.  wife has finally put her foot on me for moving them due to lack of use 'sigh'.  keep in mind thats for pickup, not shipping.  shipping these would be... expensive lol.  ill box them up this weekend and prep to see what it would cost to ship if there's the desire.  soo many models haha.  these pics are just of a few that i used most regularly!

here's some pics:




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