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H: FOW W: $$$


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So I've stopped playing FOW and its taking up shelf space that could be used for other things.  Looking to sell these for cash/paypal as I don't need any more minis although interesting non-mini trades might be considered.  Also this is just what I've decided for sure to sell.  I have a lot more so if you're looking for something PM/post and I'll see if I have it (I probably do as long as its not minor power stuff).


All these are still in their blister/box:


-GE749 Afrikakorps Artillery HQ $9.50

-2x GE241 Sdkfz 251/1D (3.7mm) $9.50 each

-2x GE743 Afrikorps Panzergrenadier platoon $13.50 each

-GE741 Afrikorps panzergrenadier Company HQ $9.50

-GE253 Sdkfz 251/9D (7.5cm) $9.50



-BBX21 Field Battery Royal Artillery (either 18/25 or 18pdrs) $35

-BBX06 LRDG Half Patrol $43.50

-2x BR758 LRDG/SAS Dismounted Patrols $9.50 each

-BSO101 8th Army Artillery Group $16.50

-BR155 6pdr portee $9.50

-BR303 Marmon Herrington III $9.50

-BR757 SAS Patrol $9.50



-SU122 Su-122 $9.50

-SU803 Engineer Sapper Platoon $13.50

-SU732 Strelkovy Company $18

-SU717 Flame-thrower platoon $9.50



-US732 Rifle Platoon (late) $18

-UBX31 4x M10 Tank Destroyer $35



-FBX04 FFI Company  $33.50

-XX651 Horse-drawn Limbers $9.50


As with everything in life prices are negotiable.

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Cool, I'll try and show up next week.


Adding non-NIB germans:


2x Jagdpanther (mostly painted) $10 each

3x hetzer (camo airbrushed on) $8 each

6x panzer III (primed) $8 each or $40 for the lot

3x Diana (assembled) $8 each

3x Marder III (7.62mm) assembled $8 each

1x Marder II (assembled) $8

2x Stug A (basecoated) $8 each, if you buy both I'll throw in the command halftrack

8x Vielfachwerfers (painted) $8 each or all of them for $50 (I have extra crew stands for these as well)

2x s307(f) (pak 40) (partially camo'd) $8 each

3x Sdkfz 251/9D (7.5cm) (1 assembled, 1 primed, 1 camo'd) $8 each

2x Panzer II Luchs (1 basecoated missing commander 1 camod) $8 each

2x Bunker Flak primed w/ no crew $10 each

BP44 Armored Train Engine camod $20

BP44 Armored train arty car camod $15

BP44 Armored train AAA car camod (105mm gun is unassembled) $15

Whole train for $40

6x Horch Kfz 15 truck $3 each or all of em for $15

6x Krupp Kfz 70 truck $5 each or all of em for $20

4x Sd Kfz 7 (2t) halftrack, no crew, $3 each all of em for $10

2x Pak 43 on sculpted bases, painted $10 each or $17 for both)

2x 88mm Flak 36 on sculpted bases painted Afrika colors, $10 each, both for $17

2x Kradschutzen Platoons (3 rifle m/g teams, command mg team, AT rifle, mortar) in various states of paint $20 each.  If you buy both I'll throw in some random extra MG teams I couldn't seem to find all the figures for.  In all I found 28 guys on motorbikes.



As always prices negotiable.

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8x Katyushas on sculpted bases. Painted, 1 seems to be lacking 2 crewmembers I can probably dig up. $12 each or all of them for $75

7x KV-1S painted $10 each or $60 for all

3x T34/76 (mostly painted with some dings) $8 each

12x T34/85 (mostly painted with some dings) $8 each $85 for the lot

5x SU-76 (painted) $8 or $35 for the lot

1x T-70 $8


Strelkovy Battalion ($80 for the lot)

-29 Rifle MG Stands (2 companies)  $58

-7 SMG stands $14

-4 PTRD Stands $8

-3x DSHKA AA stands $6

-5 Pioneer Stands $15

-2 45mm 1942 guns $8

-2 76mm infantry guns $8


God Of War Battery All Painted about 50/50 mix of sculpted bases to custom built bases.  $200 gets you the whole shebang.

8x 76mm Zis 3 $15 each $100 for all

4x 122mm guns $15 each $50 for all

8x 152mm guns $15 each $100 for all

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Brits you say?


12x Crusader II w/ aux turret.  $6 each or all of them for $60.  All basecoated for the desert

3x Matilda II $8 each desert basecoat

3x Valentine II $8 each desert basecoat

2x Valentine III $8 ech desert basecoat

3x A13 Mk IVA Cruisers $8 each

5x Light Tank Mk VI B (.50inch MG) $7 each or $30 for a the log.  Desert basecoat

2x SAS Jeeps.  $3 each

LRDG Half patrol $40 assembled and basecoated for the desert.

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Whats that rumbling sound?


Why its more germans!


Paintend and decalled stuff:

1x Stuka G (the gun one) $20

7x Panzer IV F2 Painted Grey, numbered as 1ic, 2ic and a platoon of 5. 2 battlefront, 5 PSC.  $60

5x Panzer II painted grey, numbered as a 5 man platoon, all battlefront $50


Not fully finished, state is as described.

2x Panzer II basecoated one grey one dunkel, $8

5x Panzer Is basecoated, a couple have some more colors. $8, $35 for the lot.

3x Panzer I Panzerbefehlswagon, basecoated. $5 each.

1x StuIG 33b. Primed. $8

1x Wespe, basecoated. $8

4x Hummel, camo'ed. $8 each

2x Panzer IV F1 camo'ed $8

1x Mobelwagon camo'ed $8

2x Pantherturm (panther turret bunkers)  Mostly finished $10 each

2x T-34 turret bunkers primed $10 each

2x D-day bunkers (one R-35 turret, one APX turret, one Panzer II turret and two turret base plates) $10 for the set

1x Sdkfz 223 radio car $8

5x Panzer IV in various states of repair and camo. $7 each or all of them for $30

3x Sdkfz 7/1 Quad 2cm AA $8 each

3x Quad 2cm AA bunkers with buildings unpainted, assembled $20 each.  All of them for $55

3x Battlefront Panthers, Camo'd $8 each

6x PSC Panthers Camo'd $5 each.  ALL THE PANTHERS $45!!

2x Marder II camo'ed $8

German Grenadier company box contents from forever ago (15 stands of Rifle/mg teams, 2 mortars, 2 at rifles, 2 light mortars) For the life of me I can't find the command teams in my piles of foam so I'll build some out of my drawer full of german infantry figures. $40

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OK.  I've Hemmed and Hawed about this but I've decided to stick this up as well:


SS-Panzergrenadier Company


Painted & Based:

1ic, 2ic

-2x Panzerschrek

-1x Puppchen

3x SS-panzergrenadier platoons (6x MG teams, 1x SMG Panzerfaust command)

1x SS-panzerpioneer platoon (3x MG, 3x Flamethrower, 1x SMG command, 1x goliath)

1x SS HMG Platoon (4x HMGs, 1x command)

1x AT-Gun platoon (3x Pak-40, 1x command)

1x Rocket Platoon (3x nebelwerfer [the good one, not the giant one], command team, observer team)


$150 for the whole thing.  If you get this thats everything you need for a solid core of a german infantry company.

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