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Annihilation 3: Total Annihilation


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Mark your calendars, Ordo Fanaticus will be hosting The Annihilation 3: Total Annihilation, a three-round 1850pt 40k tournament on Saturday, December 5, 2015 and Guardian Games, 345 SE Taylor St, Portland, OR 97214.  This is a limited 30 spot tournament.  Tickets can be purchased online at the Ordo Fanaticus webstore at http://www.ordofanaticus.com/index.php?/store/latest-grid/


Because of where this is being held in Guardian Games, all players must be 21+ or over.  On the plus side, it’s being held in the area of Guardian that serves beer.



Guardian Games opens: 10:00 am

Round one: 10:30-1:00

Round two: 1:30-4:00

Round three: 4:30-7:00

Prizes and out by 7:30.



This is a three-round single day tournament that encourages fun and camaraderie.  It plays with a version of modified maelstrom (described below).  It is, however, an ITC event and will award ITC standing points, and other than the mission style uses all the applicable ITC rules and FAQ.




This tournament takes “beer and pretzels” seriously – it is a potluck.  Every player is required to bring food to share with the group.  This is a requirement, just like buying a ticket.  No food, no play.  Guardian Games has been nice enough to let us continue the potluck tradition, but food only, no drink.  All drinks (including alcohol) must be purchased from the store.  So with 30 players, each bringing 30 food dishes, we should have quite the feast.


Army Composition

Per ITC Rules.  Currently, that would mean 1850 pts, all current books and legal armies allowed.  Max of 3 detachments.  Forge world is allowed.  Modified ranged D as per ITC rules.  


Scenarios and Rules

Deck Building

Each player must bring a deck of 28 tactical objective cards.  Since the basic deck contains 36 cards, this will mean players will customize the deck they bring.  Decks must be built from the same source, ie you can use the main deck, or a race specific deck, but you cannot mix or combine.


Card Draw

When you draw a card, if it is impossible to achieve because of your opponent’s army, you may immediately discard it and draw another.  (This does not apply if it is impossible to achieve because of your own army choices.  You had the chance to fix that in customizing your deck.)


Cards that award d3 victory points award 2.  If a card were to award more than 4+ points, it awards 3.


Maelstrom Victory Points

This tournament uses a modified version of Maelstrom that has worked well for us in the past.  It helps to think of it like a tennis match, ie. game-set-match.


You score tactical objective points as normal, ie at the end of each player turn.  At the end of each GAME TURN you total who got the most tactical objective points for that turn.  You only count points achieved that game turn, you do not carry over from previous game turns.   (So unlike typical Maelstrom games, you don’t keep a running tally for the entire game).  Whoever achieved the most tactical objective points won that turn.  A win gets 2 set points.  A tie gets each player 1 set point.


EXAMPLE:  Susan achieves all three of her Maelstrom cards in turn 1, yielding her 3 Maelstrom points.  Bob achieves only one his cards, but it’s a card that awards d3 maelstrom points.  The tournament rules say d3 cards award a flat 2.  So Susan wins GAME TURN 1, and is credited with 2 set points for her win.


The first player to accumulate 7 set points wins the match. The game ends at the conclusion of either the turn where a player reaches 7 set points, or the end of turn 6, whichever comes first.  If, at the end of turn six neither player has accumulated 7 set points (because they tied all six turns), or they both reach 7 points at the conclusion of turn 6, then both players are credited with a tie for the match.


Winning the match is worth 6 battle points.  A tie on the match is 3 battle points. In addition, you get one battle point for each of the following:


·      Slay the Warlord (per rulebook)

·      Linebreaker (per rulebook)

·      First Blood (per rulebook)

·      Big Game Hunter


For a maximum possible 10 battle points each round.


Round Length

Each round is 2.5 hours.  Players are encouraged to keep an eye on the clock and try to complete their turns quickly.  If time is called at the 2.5-hour mark, and the players have not completed the game, it will be up to the sole discretion of the judge to either call the game for one person or the other, or to declare no winner.  This ruling will may be arbitrary and subjective, and is not appealable.  Players who do not want their games determined by arbitrary ruling should play quickly and efficiently.



Maelstrom Mission: Cleanse and Control

Dawn of War Deployment

Roll for Night Fighting

Mysterious objectives ARE USED



Maelstrom of War: Spoils of War

Hammer and Anvil Deployment

Roll for Night Fighting

Mysterious objectives ARE USED



Maelstrom Mission: Cloak and Shadows

Vanguard Deployment

Roll for Night Fighting

Mysterious objectives ARE USED


The ITC/BAO/LVO Rules FAQ will be in use.



3 color minimum and basing required.  (In the case of a tie, the tournament winner will be calculated based on battle points, in conjunction with subjective judge's evaluation of painting and sportsmanship.)



This is a fun, simple, no-stress event designed around Maelstrom missions. It’s also a potluck, where we roll dice, eat good food, and have a beer (Guardian Games serves beer).  The goal is to have fun, and to give fun games to an opponent.  All players will be expected to conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner.



The cost to play in this tournament will be $25.00, or $20.00 for Ordo Fanaticus champions. 



YES!  There will be prize support.



Paid Spots

1. Jeff Sordahl (Fr1skED1ngo)

2. Jeremy Crones (Jeremster)

3. Sean Morgan (AbusePuppy)

4. Shaylynn Allen (La Agrado)

5. Eben Lowy (Pretre)

6. Nathan Hobart (NathanVoodoo)

7. Ryan Farrar (yob541)

8. Chad Hardman (Canoptek Chad)

9. Mr.MoreTanks (Ben Schimmoller)

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It wraps up the fall league that starts on Sept 1st I believe:)

Ah. Still, should have another of these in September. Then a December one. Every 3 months or so.


Anyway, probably won't go to this one. Not really a fan of tournaments. I enjoyed the very low key aspects of this event, and I think shifting it to 30 people and at Guardian will ruin it for me. I do wish you [agentP] luck.


Any chance you [agentP] could organize a more low-key version of this to have at WOW, like before?

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

OK, I'm totally putting this on my calendar and making this happen.


One question though, what happens if you don't own cards? Can I make up a modified chart to roll on instead?

You support our lgs and buy a deck ;).


Or I'm sure you can borrow but this format works by modifying deck not modifying rolls. You can also just print a deck.

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