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I have been playing with the B. Hierodule for a while and it has been fun. Though the more I look at the scythed hierodule I think it is far superior in this meta.  It has a S6 AP3 hellstorm template, 7 attacks base, and if there is no target to charge, it gets a run move.  The issue I run into when trying to come up with a competitive list is the lack of tank cracking.  I am thinking of the following list for 2k:


3x flyrants w/ egrubs


1x Malanthrope

1x Venomthrope

3x Hive Guard


1x Tervigon w/ CC, AG, egrubs

30x Tgants w/ 10 devourers

1x Mucolid


1x Scythed Hierodule


This leaves me with 40 ish points left over to do something with.  What are everyone's thoughts on this list? What would you tweak?

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Part of me says that with Tyranids nowadays, going bound is less effective than other armies. Your troops there, you have 3-10 units. Mucoloid and any spawned termagants are going to be pretty easy to remove. Tervigon is fairly easy too, and the sooner it's remove, the sooner everything termagants go away. ObSec is less effective if your units are slow (like all nid troops) or fragile (like all nid troops). Mostly because you can't really contest objectives as well without being mobile, or being able to camp on one for multiple turns unless your opponent is dedicating reasonable resources at it.


I'd say go unbound (drop all the troops, mebbe the venomthrope) and bring dakkafexen in pods. You've got plenty against light armor. A couple dakkafexen can drop next to the high armor stuff and either kill it, or make it run around the battlefield and be less effective.

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I tried the Tervigon, but me and that thing get along like my mother law and I. If you are going unbound, why bring any troops? Tervigon cost too much and once it is done spawning it is pretty worthless. Yes CC are great but it can only move 6" and rarely assaults the full 12.


The Barbed Hierodule is the one thing that can kill vehicles. It is the best. Desperately needed to be competitive. At least with my play style. But don't let me rain on your parade, make it work.

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I recently had the same issue of not enough tank killing power from my kids. Drop podding in Dakkafex's helped greatly. it also took a lot of shots from going to my other units while the opponent tried to deal with them. If you can fit in a couple it is defiantly worth it. 

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I really think that with the advent of Battle Company, having reliable anti-tank is even more important.  Flyrants certainly help taking care of Rhino-chassis, but Ob-sec drop pods are going to be super annoying.  


I'm wondering if Nid Horde is the solution!  SWAMP THEM WITH BODIES.  

This isn't helpful advice in regards to this army list, sorry.  

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The Malanthrope and Venomthrope seems redundant. Gaunts seem too expensive and may die too quick especially with flamers just about everywhere now. 3 Flyrants are solid. And if any tyranid player had any self respect (none do) then the entire army would be flyrants.


It would seem in order for nids to be effective at Maelstrom there are 2 options. 1st is to have too much stuff on the board prior to disallow enemies like Eldar/Dark Eldar from sprinting to the objectives. Ways of doing this, Genestealers, Lictors, Sporefield formation. Downside is that in turn 1 all of those units die....so that sucks.


The other option, is to have enough powerful hard hitting models that either can last turn 1 and then get in range to kill detrimental units or deepstrike strong enough models to shoot them off objectives. Models like, Flying MC Except Hive Crone, Mawloc (maybe) Trygon/Prime, Pretty much anything in a Tyrannocyte. Its a real uphill battle.

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I can fit 5 flyrants and a scythed dule into a list, with minimum troops, but that means table or lose in maelstrom games


My standard tournament list right now is 5 flyrants, 2 dakka fexes, malanthrope, 2 ObSec deep striking ripper swarms, 2 DS rippers and a termagaunt brood 10 FB/5Devourers for hive fleet troops. 


It's given me a kind of MSU troop presence for doing maelstrom type stuff, and is killy as hell. You definitely use the tyrants to score things late game and usually by then you've de-fanged the other guy's army. I'm really not sure that the Scythed Hiero is adding much to a tyranid army that you don't generally have lots of anyway. Killing marines, even in cover is never an issue. With the barbed you're getting long range high strength which isn't available anywhere else unless you like throwing away points on rupture cannons.


I've been kicking around a list on battlescribe that has a 6th flyrant, 2 mawlocs and a venomthrope that is only there for a first turn before taking off situation. But it's all mucolids for troops which truly is a table or lose proposition a lot of the time. It's doable with ITC missions since you're going to hurt the other guy's army pretty badly most of the time so scoring objectives by landing late game is doable. But I really don't like troops that really don't contribute outside of allowing a null deployment. 

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Making Hgants beasts and giving genestealers some help would be a good step.


Warriors:  Not sure how to fix.  Pointing out this category of model has always been tough as they are rugged against certain types of attacks and too weak otherwise.  My thought is make them tougher, maybe T5, make them killier in the form of more attacks and then leave them at about 35 pts stock.  

Termagants:  Leave as is, just drop them to 3 pts each.  


Hormagaunts:  As you say, make them beasts.  


Genestealers:  Keep identical, but give them 6 attacks base (throwback to 2nd edition!).  Now even losing a few to overwatch and whatever won't matter as they will MESS UP stuff in melee if they get there.  


In general, I think instead of just negatives for being out of synapse, synapse should BUFF things too.  Something akin to Canticles perhaps?  Base it on the number of synapse units on the table then get certain bonuses?  

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