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Khorne Team Models


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So, I am thinking about throwing together a Khorne team and being the first to try it out in one of our leagues. I am having a hard time coming up with some of the models however. Here is what I got so far.


  • Pitfighters - New Bloodreavers box set is perfect. Even has some running poses.
  • Bloodletters - well bloodletter models duh
  • Heralds - Not sure yet as I want something that stands out from the blood letters but I have yet to find a cost effective way of doing these. Need 2 unique looking models
  • Bloodthirster - This is the really tough one for me. Finding something that actually fits on the pitch. I mean, I have a few blood thirstier models lying around, but there is no way one would fit on a standard pitch. Any ideas here?
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