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Tournaments and using similar models for a theme


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So just curious about what the tournament community would do if somebody walked up with sa the 30k jet bikes and said these are my 40k space marine bikes? I mean yes they are different models but really theyre just different because one is longer and on a flying stand. So if they were painted as say imperial fists and i wanted to use them as imperial fists bikes just because im not fond of the gw bike models is that an issue or would most people be totally chill with that?

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I did a metric ton of research on this! Was my plan for last year's ofcc. The biggest issue is finding heroic scaled female heads. Only one place I've found that does those. Tried traditional scaled female heads too. Thought that they'd look like regular humans in power armor...they look like children in power armor.


Statuesque Miniatures has pretty good power armor-scaled heads; depending on the exact model, some others have fairly acceptable ones as well. The heads from DE and Daemonettes can also work in some cases.

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