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new Blood Angels chaplain or IC?


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Is that the Termie Captain from Shield of Baal? I don't have a pic of that one for reference.


That Engineseer looks really cool, tho. Gonna have to grab one.


Also, even if you don't want the Chaos Stuff, Execution Force is a good deal if you want all of the Assassins. $3 less to buy the whole game than to buy the 4 individual Assassins.

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Hello there,


Execution Force price < The (4) assassins in solo packs = Wow, I goofed up hoping that the individual models would be cheaper.


Hoping that the chappy's armor as shown above is just 'eavy Metal lining to simulate the muscle fibers, but I doubt it.  Looking like the Ashtaroth "if you don't stop picking, it'll never heal" armor. 


Stay safe,



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The price is probably a misprint/not really that much. Case in point is the HH box labeled as 185USD. It is clearly going to be 150 when it is released. $30 is probably going to be the price point on release but it's GW so anything could happen.


I like the sculpt on the chaplain. The right foot is a bit weird looking but overall it's fabs. Will gank the jump pack and use it for Dante as I like the smaller wings rather than the big Eff'off ones in the Sanguinary guard box.  The half and half scheme makes me thing there is going to be something more to this than just a mini. The figure is very "Angels Sanguine" which might mean some expansion or some campaign featuring a few of these guys. I mean they labled Karlean as "Terminator Captain" rather than his original name so why not this one too?


Oh, and the other stuff is nice too. :p

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