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New Superheavy Board Game


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Archibald_TK on Warseer wrote:
No Orruks in the next WD.

New boxed game called "Imperial Knight: Renegade" instead (1 Imperial Knight, 1 IK Warden and 1 Sanctum Imperialis + rules)
165€ / £120 / $195 / and for once the real prices for all to see: CA$ 235 / AU$ 245 / NZ$ 290 / 22.000 Yen

So both a huge price but a huge discount at the same time, making it a pretty solid choice if you want 2 Knights. Too bad the large difference between the UK and Euro price will make us incapable of competing vs UK retailers.

Game is derived from the minigame they did in the WD around the Stormsurge release if I remember correctly, the one were each superheavy had its own datasheet, with damage locations and numbers everywhere. Game includes specific decals for each knight allowing you to decorate one of them as a renegade Knight. No Chaos specific sprues thought (those are the regular models already sold in stores).

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Solaris 7 comes to 40k!


This seems like a great deal too:)


Wonder if a 2 Knight detatchment would match up well with some Space Wolves...Big robots bounding along side a Wulven Murderpack all while a Blackmanes detatchement drops into the face.



Yeah,yeah I know,,,2500+ points cost and they would all be shot off the board by the end of turn 2...


Anyhow,how bout that board game!

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Nothing in the image for the Renegade Knight looks like there is any Chaos themed pieces being released for it at the moment.  Well, I guess that is not completely true, FW kit.  But that is a Chaos Knight, not a Renegade Knight, to be fair.  Hmm.

Yeah, pretty sure it's just a new Transfer sheet.

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Best place to buy?



Locally. Or if you are looking for a discount, frontline gaming is 25% off on preorders + $6.99 shipping.


After that atrocious shipping charge, that's barely 22% discount.  At that point, I've came across LGS that offer 20% off.  Support your Local economy, not California's ;) Especially over 2%

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