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Allow me to play both sides of an imaginary conversation so you can get the skinny on Malifaux at OFCC this year!


Alright, sure, but how would that work?

See? You're (I'm) getting the hang of it already! Great!


Wait, Malifaux? There's going to be Malifaux at OFCC? That's that one with the Zombie Hookers, right?


Yup! We're going to Faux it up for reals. I'll be your Head of Games Rudy.


You're an OFCC Guy?


... Kinda. I wasn't, really, but I heard that Faux wasn't gonna have a presence, and I said, "NOT ON MY WATCH!"


Oh. Well thanks for that then.


You're welcome. Okay, let's start with schedule....


Schedule for what...?


FINE! Let's start with a brief synopsis. We're going to be doing five rounds of faux over two days, saturday and sunday. I'll be modifying the Wyrd Gaining Grounds tournament pack a bit, but for the most part it'll be run kinda like that. Depending on how many folks sign up, we're likely to have a 4 round GG style tournament with a round 0 Warm up and Grudge match. Players will be ranked in the following categories and fashion:



There will be a trophy for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, as well as a "Wooden Spoon". Placement will be based on TP/Differential/VP.



There will be a player vote for best painted- between round three and final round on day two (during a break) there will be a chance to leave your best example out and try and get votes.


Best Team

If the spread allows us to have a team event, there will be an award for best team as well.


Best Sportsman (Aka, the Wil Wheaton Award)

Best sports will be awarded by player vote based on favorite opponent of the tournie.



Prize support will also be raffled away, in true Malifaux Fashion, but card assignment and card draw.



Okay, cool. NOW hit us with the schedule...




10:00 Sign in, Sign up, register, Tournament Pack Handout and request grudges.

10:30 Round Zero Pairings and Table Assignments.

10:45 First Flip for Round Zero

12:30 End Round Zero

12:30-1:30 Lunch Break

1:30 Round 1 Pairings and Table Assignments

1:45 Round One First Flip

3:30 End Round One

3:45 Round Two Pairings and Table Assignments

4:00 Round Two First Flip

5:45 End Round Two

6:00 Standings posted, and open play. (Depending on interest, there may be enforcer brawls and things here. It would be a good time to play games for achievement league.)



10:00 Check in, wake up, get caffeine.

10:30 Round 3 Pairings and Table Assignments

10:45 Round 3 First Flip

12:30 End Round Three

12:30 - 1:30 Lunch

1:30 Final Round Pairings and Table Assignments

1:45 Final Round First Flip

3:30 End of Final Round

3:45 Awards and Raffle


Sounds Pretty Boss. What were those words you shouted about up there...?


Grudge Match


First come first serve. If you're first to ask for a grudge, you'll get it. If someone's grudged you before you can ask for one, you're dance card is all full, huckleberry.


Round Zero

Depending on attendance, round zero may end up being round one. We would have to get pretty huge to pull that kind of number, but presume it will act as Round Zero Grudge/Warmup. If the first round counts towards placing, you will know before table pairings.



There's an awesome little farmer's market that was going on across the way last year. If it's still going its a great place to score some cheap lunch. 


Achievement League

That's RIGHT! There will be a Gaslight Achievement League. In addition to being a blast, and rewarding ridiculous things, it will also be a chance at netting some extra prizes.



I didn't say anything about teams up there, but. BUT. OFCC has the words "Club Challenge" Baked right into the name! What kind of H.o.G. would I be if I didn't promote club unity and challenges. This will go down one of two ways:


Triangle (Or trapezoid?) of Doom- 

If we're able to get a number of people that would allow an even, multiple of three, we can do the triangle of doom format, where teams are pitted against each other, and pair themselves off based solely on faction knowledge. (Teams wouldn't have to be all the same faction, but each respective player would have to stick to their declared factions). Teams would be ranked the normal way- TP/Differential/VP, and it would be accumulated by the whole team.


(This could also work with a "doubles" setup, where you're just tied to one other.)

(Format would depend on the specific number of folks signed up and showing up.)


Wow. You said a lot of stuff in there. And yet, here I am still reading this post! I must be excited. You got anything else for me?


Sure do! Because the event will be following the Gaining Grounds 2016 format (even if loosely...), I can tell you what the Strategy and Deployments will be!


Round Zero: Guard the Stash; Corner Deployment

Round One: Turf War; Standard Deployment

Round Two: Head Hunter; Flank Deployment

Round Three: Reckoning; Standard Deployment

Round Four: Extraction; Close Deployment


All games will be played at 50 soulstones.


Kay, anything else I should know?


Yup! But I think this is it for now. All models must be painted to a three color standard, and be based. I unlike a normal GG tourney, will be allowing Proxies/Conversions, but (and I'm putting my serious TO face on right now) they must accurately represent the model they are standing in for. I should be able to look at a model from across the table, hear what faction I'm playing against and say, "Oh, yeah... That's a such and such. Sure."


I'll probably end up flipping the schemes closer to the date, and I do intend to post them online before the event. This is for two reasons: One, I hope it will speed up crew selection/creation. Two, As a tourney that's more about the fun and sportsmanship of it all, I like the idea that a player can do some homework on it, and get some of the confusing ones on the table to get used to them.


ALRIGHT. That's it. If you have any questions, leave 'em here. I'll do my best to check in here frequently. Buy your tickets! Make me have to do a five rounder! Tell all your friends to come! Tell them "not owning a crew, or having anything painted, or knowing how to play Malifaux" isn't a valid excuse! Well.... maybe that last one...


Rudy "EntrepeNinja" Schuepbach

Head of Games: Malifaux

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Oh no my heart just broke... I was counting on the Malifaux event bring Friday as in years past, and so I agreed to a trip leaving Sat evening... now I can't make this Sat/Sun event.  

I just missed the Breaching the Faux event, too... I'm going to go cry myself to sleep :(

This looks awesome though, thanks Rudy for stepping up and making it happen!!  

<--- Sad NtK

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Basically, it's like a bingo style check list. There will be little qualifiers in it:

"Flip the Black joker in the same duel as the red joker"

"Play a game against each of the seven factions"

"Win a game with no models left on the table"


The more you unlock, the better you've done.



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So how many committed players do we need by when for this to be a sure thing?


I haven't bought my ticket yet because of pants. But once I find my pants, I'm in!

I have not heard any updated numbers yet, but if my math is correct 2 plus 2-4 paid equals... lets see.... carry the one.... carry the one back because it doesn't go there.... and um.... 5ish paid?


I think I heard the number 8 as a minimum for it to happen... but honestly a 8 player $50 2 day event seems a little... off.... I like the number 20 or so better.

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I hadn't paid yet - was wondering what the model was if we don't get enough paid attendees for the event. I'm planning on driving down for this, but would like to know by say the 28th if it won't be able to happen.




This event will happen. Please purchase your ticket soon if you plan on attending, so we can coordinate the amount of table space this event will require.

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I'll probably end up flipping the schemes closer to the date, and I do intend to post them online before the event. This is for two reasons: One, I hope it will speed up crew selection/creation. Two, As a tourney that's more about the fun and sportsmanship of it all, I like the idea that a player can do some homework on it, and get some of the confusing ones on the table to get used to them.



Rudy "EntrepeNinja" Schuepbach

Head of Games: Malifaux


Any chance of announcing those Schemes soon? 

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