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Warhamster T-shirt Time

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The OFCC is coming up, and some people don't have shirts! I'm happy to coordinate an order. Design would be as below, though no tiny Kacy-sized logo. It's gonna be regular sized. I've also grown disheartened with the Haynes Tagless, and would like a shirt that's soft and comfortable. I'd like to do the American Apparel Fine Jersey. The cost would be $15 a shirt (instead of $10), but it'll be super comfy. Add an additional $1.50 for XXL and an additional $2>50 for 3XL Available colors are here, though remember that we'll be printing with white ink, so darker (or, at least, not-white) shirts are bette: http://www.bluecotton.com/t-shirts/short-sleeve/2001-american-apparel-fine-jersey-tee.html


Sound OK? If so, you can give cash to me at game night or send paypal to bellinghamwarhamsters@gmail.com . Specify the size, quantity, and color. If shirts end up being a lot cheaper due to quantity, we can refund the extra. Or give it to Ordo for a "thanks for internet hosting us" gift. 


Once we get things sussed out, I'll post on the main boards in case anyone wants OFCC delivery.



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Getting set to place an order soon, but still haven't heard from some folks. Eli, what's up with your team?


So Far:


Kacy: S Purple

Nathan: L Navy

Eli: XL Blue - What color of blue do you want?




If that's all, then we likely won't do an order, as 5 shirts aren't enough to make them cost effective. Just wait for a while?

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Aight - thanks to all who chimed in, but I'm officially going to pull the plug on this order at this time. We are still in need of more orders to make it worthwhile, and communication is sloooooowwwww going over the summer.


For those of you traveling to the OFCC in need of shirts, I reckon we can arrange some kind of shirt loan if need be.

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