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For those about to OFCC...


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Thanks, all! It was a blast! The new bucket is a giant wooden cannon made by Betty's Fighting Havanicans (SP?), It's huge, and epic, and I hope Jason got it home safely!


I'll write up more later (or just chat over beers in a couple of weeks) but right now I'm trying to get a research presentation finished up for a conference (in two days).

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Also! It's necessary to mention that:


Sherbert won a well-deserved best painted (for the second year in a row) for his Ninth Age army.


Loren was the most amazing beer-caddy and supportive friend anyone could wish for. It would not have been the event it was without him.


Kacy ran what seemed to be a seamless Ninth Age event, that everybody enjoyed and had a lot of non-players talking about getting on board next year.


The Hamateurs (Eli, Brad (not Fix), Taco, and Alex + Beer Caddy Mikey G.) represented the club well and it sounds like they're already talking about next year.

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I had a blast.  I was the most low key OFCC i have ever been too.  For that last round a couple teams just played Apoc.  The contest tables were beautiful.  The Infinity tournament tables were AMAZING !!!!    !!!!!!   !!!!!


I made a point of talking to all the 9th Age, they all enjoyed the tournament and were very happy with 9th Age.  


Congrats to Kacy on a very well run event.


Congrats to Eli for his first year as Team Captain.


Well Done to Mike G. for making it to the OFCC LOL, I'll let him tell the story, he has the best stories...


Mr. MoreTanks and Capt A were GREAT HOGs, best 40k OFCC to date imo


Thanks for all the support, I had a great time finally Beer Caddying :D, good times were had by all.


Noted missing people:

Damn Brad
Damn Nathan
Damn Joey

Damn Shea

Damn Greyson

Damn Andy

Damn FLUGER !!!

and damn anyone else i missed

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OFCC was great this year. The last two years I had kind of mediocre games and opponents, but this year my games and opponents were great. I think 9th age had a huge part to play in making it a great tournament. The armies were all similar levels with no power gaming and most people who showed up were the die hard fantasy enthusiasts who just wanted to have fun. I will definitely attend next year with my greenskins and hopefully there will be enough people to have teams again.  


Big thanks to Kacy for running the event since it would not have happened without him. 


Big Big thanks to Loren who not only was having the time of his life, but who was also being super supportive of everyone and just generally being an awesome dudeman.

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