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Bellingham Warhamsters play games on Tuesday 8/16


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Hey smash, I didn't want to commit until I knew my schedule was in the clear, but it looks like I can go for a game. I myself am torn between playing Empire and Warriors this time.

Awesome! I was thinking of mixing it up myself and either doing VC, Empire, or Warriors, but I might just be lazy and do Beast Herds. If you can let me know of any proxies you need before 130, I can get them together for you on my lunch break. I'm closing at work this week so expect me down around 630ish (feel free to get a table set up if you're down before then).

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Sorry for the late notice, but I have to take care of a few things around the house before heading out tonight. I won't be able to make it down to the shop until 8 or so. As such, I'm going to leave my SAGA stuff at home, but if we hustle we can probably get in a game of Blood Rage, so I'll bring that.

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It was a pleasure meeting all of you. 


Yes, we must play Blood Rage again.  Next Tuesday I'll be playing SAGA with Wiccus, but the week after that we can return to pillaging and glorious slaughter. e14118.gif


is the Blood Rage Kickstarter video that I mentioned last night. Skip to 00:01:10 to hear a bit about Eric Lang's thought process.



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