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We're Back! War Porch Games Day 9/24


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We start at about noon and game until we can’t game no more.

I provide dinner, and everyone who is coming is expected to bring drinks and snacks to share.

We generally focus on the more popular games like 40k, but we also do a lot of board games from the simple like King of Tokyo to complicated affairs like Twilight Imperium or the like.

The whole thing is very unstructured and just designed as a time to get together and try and get some games in with friends or new folks.

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Was great to have a big group again!  


We did Warmachine, 40k Kill Team, Blood Rage, and Zombicide: Black Plague!  w00t!



Here we see one half of the board being used for Kill Team between Pumpkinhead and I and over here we see Faye and Ethan and then Romans832 and pourspelur playing Blood Rage.

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