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I haven't had a smart phone since the MDA.  I briefly had an iPad, but sold it to my dad so he could use it to take credit card payments.  I've worked for apple doing tech support, so I know iOS, which I'm finding helpful on my new Galaxy S7 that was given to me for Christmas about half an hour ago.  



So.....what should I know?  What should I download?   :biggrin:

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I'd forgotten about Battlescribe!


savion, what device do you have? I was reading paprika has issues with Android OS.  Is this something you've experienced?  I good recipe/grocery list app is very high on my list of must haves.


I picked up Battlefleet Gothic, haven't been able to find a multiplayer game, yet.  I played once before, probably 7 years ago, just a couple games using proxy, but it was fun.  The tutorial and computer generated dice/movement/etc makes for an easier game to learn, to be sure.  I'm hoping the table top redux will keep to the rule set so I don't have to keep two different sets in mind.  


Also, stupid vassal not having a stupid app.



Biggest complaint about the phone at the moment: My voicemail wants access to my location so as to play appropriate advertisements for me.  Why the [big bad swear word] does my voicemail need to advertise to me?  I haven't set it up because I refuse to be marketed to.

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I use a Nexus 6. I have used the app for many years and have not really had any issues. of course sometimes it does not download a recipe correctly, but I feel that is to be expected for what it does. I don't really use the grocery list portion of the app at all as the wife and I share a grocery list so if either of us is at the store we just pick up everything else.

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How about this, what are the three Apps you use most?  Games or otherwise.

Phone, Email, Timer (for cooking).


I also frequently reference the Weather, Date and Time, Calculator, Address Book, Texting, and internet.


Though regarding the internet, for some reason, Microsoft phones are unable to set a custom homepage with the phone version of windows 10, so I had to acquire an App which goes to a blank page, rather than loading the very large "infinity edge" default page.

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