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Spring ITC Tounament?

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 Whos up for a 2k ITC Best Coast  PairingsTournament in Portland,,April -May time frame.


 This would be a 3 round one day event on a Saturday either at GG or at the WoW clubhouse(very close to GG)


 Gonna need to have at least 10 commit for it before I arrange space,,think on it and post here with a date that is good for you:)




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I am going to use the best coast pairings app for the next tournament we have down at Borderlands, but is there really any good reason to make it an ITC event?

  They are pretty much one and the same,,the ongoing results are cataloged at the Front Line site I believe..AgentP knows more about this though.


  I dont believe the ITC has had any votes on AoS rules as yet,,that could change after the LVO though so we will have to keep checking.Im open to rules clarifications but rather adamant about not removing the initiative roll so we shall see.


 Also im totally going to your Borderland event,ive missed too many opportunities recently and WILL be there this time:)

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  How about the 22nd?


 Im trying to avoid 4/1 cuz the obvious,and wife is gone on the 15th and the 29th,,trying to avoid doing it those days but could if thats the only way.

Right now the best days for me in April are the 15th and 29th but even those days are a maybe since its is on a Saturday. I would say keep it on the original day you have planned, I am going to still try and make it.

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