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OFCC poll for FoW - cost, duration and rules


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WHAT: OFCC Team Competition event for FoW.

WHEN: July 29, or JUL 29-30, 2017

WHO: two-person teams with fully painted FoW armies


1. Cost and duration: Which would you commit to?

1.A. $50 for two days of FoW

1.B. $30 for one day of FoW (1)


2. Version of rules:

2.A. I answered 1.B, above (1 day), and I would only play FoW v3


2.B. I answered 1.B, above (1 day), and I would only play FoW v4*


2.C. I answered 1.A, above (2 days),

so I would play BOTH FoW v3 and v4, if they were on different days.


3. Period

3.A. I answered 2.A., above (v3).

Period I want is MW, but not limited to N. Africa.

This may be my "Last Hurrah for v3 Mid-War" (at least for tournaments).


3.B. I answered either 2.B or 2.C, above, and

For v4, I am on board with fielding only MW German and British North Africa lists, using v.4 rules*

For v3, any MW book/official list is good for me


* Since I have not seen a BF release schedule for v4 books and kits that goes beyond March, it is possible that by the time of OFCC, only MW German and British North Africa books and kits will be available.


(1) NOTE: I asked for, but have not yet gotten approval from the OFCC committee for a $30 fee for one day.



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I vote as such.

Day One - tournament - whatever gets you the most players (I vote for 3rd ed MW).

Day Two - 4th Ed/Tanks! Demo day


I think the best use of the OFCC for FoW is exposure. I don't think a tournament is required, but doesn't hurt. Right now, FoW seems to be at an all time low in terms of popularity. So I'd really want to focus on how to showcase the game to get people interested. You'll have a solid launch of 4th ed MW to help promote the game. So I'd recommend that. However, having Team Yankee present wouldn't be bad either.


The fact that this poll is not seeing responses may be a good indicator that a tournament isn't what to shoot for this year. Maybe just focus on exposure.

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It took us a while to figure out where FoW would best go in the line up this year, so I apologize for the delay.  But I've notified Barca via PM that FoW is cleared for a Friday one-day tournament at $25.00 per player.  We're excited to have FoW this year!  I may have to bust out by mid-way Fins  :biggrin:   Barca is HoG for FoW, and I'll leave it to him, and the FoW community to decide on the particulars of the Friday event.

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Based on feedback and conversations, I have gotten the message:

the local groups of FoW gamers are experiencing some transition concerns and stresses (FoW rules v3 vs. v4).


In responding to that, I will revise the HOG proposal to change the FoW part of OFCC from a tournament event to a broad participation, demonstration and showcase event.

The competitions that we WILL have will be around promoting the hobby.


This year will be the debut of FoW events at OFCC.


FYI: FoW and other BF games will be at OFCC on Friday, JUL 28. One day for $25.00

Will include "Last Hurrah for v3"


  • Competitions for
    • modeling
    • painting
    • terrain boards
    • display and fluff
  • And demo games for:
    • Walk-thru and demo of FoW v4, MW, North Africa
    • Demo Team Yankee
    • Demo Tanks
    • Casual game time and tables for any of the above
  • Information about our recent activities and calendar for the rest of 2017

To get broader appeal, I am changing this from a tournament to a showcase of the Battlefront and GF9 games.


Emphasis for us this year is on:

  • fun
  • bringing together historical gamers scattered across the PACNW.
  • showcasing talent and craftsmanship in modeling, painting, etc.


Depending on participation and buzz, we will consider a tournament format for next year.

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Thx 4 input. Going for mixed bag, compete for display/show, rest is demo.

1. First half: Emphasis is on Presentation. Theme is:

"Closing Time"/"Last Call" for v.3.

  • Flames of War, version 3 rules.
  • Any period
  • matched armies
  • historical scenario
  • relevant terrain
  • harkens back to "Lend-Lease"

Competition is in the presentation.

  • Each team plays a historical scenario (or reasonable what if?).
  • Each team is two gamers with mostly historical and matched armies ( some examples: Rus vs. Finns, Italians Vs. Brits, Ger vs. French, etc.)
  • Each team models their table for the scenario, period, geography, etc.
  • Each team, competes with  other teams in: modeling, painting, terrain, table, presentation
  • The scenario each team plays is a friendly game, with time enough in the schedule to BOTH
    • finish the game (or make significant progress) AND
    • engage passers-by, talking about the game/rules, armies, modeling, painting, history, etc.
  • Win or lose in the game - victory points - does not affect awards.


2. Break for Awards

  • painting
  • terrain/table
  • custom objectives, warriors, etc.
  • conversions, scratch builds, added details
  • presentation: poster, scenario/warrior write up, unit history, battle history, info about online material (blogs, forums, hobby web sites)
  • others TBD


3. Second half: Demos:


  • version 4 rules, MW, N. Africa
  • Team Yankee - DEMO plus casual games
  • TANKS! - DEMO plus casual games
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