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New Skaven and FEC - Carrion Empire

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Pre-order Preview: Carrion Empire and Genestealer Cults


Next weekend, two armies of the Mortal Realms are reborn, with a new battle box, two new battletomes and more! There’s also even more Genestealer Cults goodness for you to get your claws into! Here’s what you can expect to see…

Carrion Empire

Carrion Empire sets the skaven against the Flesh-eater Courts in ferocious underground skirmishes. Inside this battle box, you’ll find everything you need to build two armies and then pit them against one another in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar – with rules, token sheets and even two new character models exclusive to this set.

This set offers a phenomenal saving on getting the models inside separately – even before you include the new characters, a wealth of lore, art and all the other stuff you get in the box!


Carrion Empire is great for players looking to learn Warhammer Age of Sigmar with a friend, start a skaven or Flesh-eater Courts army, or just save some money!


That’s right – the skaven are back! Forging together the forces of Clans Skryre, Pestilens, Moulder, Verminus, Eshin and the Masterclan into a single Skaventide, this is the battletome the Great Horned Rat has been waiting for since Warhammer Age of Sigmar was released. Each of the Clans has its own allegiance abilities representing their tactics and character, but you’ll also be able to field them as a single, coherent and deadly force.


This battletome contains loads of new rules content and cements skaven as a major power player both on the tabletop and in (and between) the Mortal Realms. We’ll be bringing you in-depth previews of what you can expect from the book next week.

Like other armies this edition, skaven will even be getting new scenery – in this case, a tunnel network of Gnawholes – as well as new Endless Spells, custom dice and Warscroll Cards.


In short, the skaven are set to have everything you need to conquer the Mortal Realms – or at the very least, your next gaming night…

Flesh-eater Courts

Death Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts updates one of Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s most popular armies for the new edition of the game, bringing together allegiance abilities, deeper rules and more to bring the army fully up to date.


You’ll be able to customise your characters with new magic and artefacts, or dedicate your army to one of the Grand Courts. Side with Gristlegore, for example, and you’ll get to take Royal Zombie Dragons as Battleline!

You’ve got new models on the way too, in the form of the Charnel Throne terrain piece and a gruesome set of Endless Spells. A set of handy Warscroll Cards rounds out the range, ensuring that keeping track of your units is simple.


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2 minutes ago, Tamwulf said:

Is it... can it be? Will my Skaven really come out of the hole they have been in since AoS came out?!?!

Skaven have been pretty good in AoS since launch, actually. They just suffered from GW's rather silly decision to split them into six subfactions, only five of whom had Battleline units and of those only three really had any chance of being fielded as complete armies... If you just ran them all as one grand Skaven army, instead of a  one subfaction exclusively, they did quite well. Still, this along with Legions of Nagash and Gloomspite Gitz is a welcome sign that perhaps GW is realizing that they went too far with the subfaction balkanization. 


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Your prayers to the Great Horned Rat have been answered, and the skaven are finally getting a battletome of their own! This weekend sees the clans reunited in an incredible battletome that transforms them into a fun, thematic fighting force known as the Skaventide. In today’s preview, we’re taking a look at how the army works.


First, though, if you’re new to the Mortal Realms, some context:

Who are the Skaven?

Skaven are one of the strangest and most sinister denizens in the Mortal Realms. A vile race of chaos-tainted rat-mutants, skaven are ingenious, cowardly, megalomaniacal and avaricious. Skaven society is divided broadly into different clans, each with their own distinct culture and ways of war.


The Clans Eshin, for instance, are peerless assassins and thieves, while the Clans Moulder are bio-engineers who breed horrific living weapons. Conflict between the clans, and indeed within them, is rife, and skaven are as likely to fight each other as they the forces of Order, Destruction and Death.

Skaven are supreme meddlers it was the interference of assassins from the Clans Eshin that caused Nagash’s grand ritual at the end of the Time of Tribulations to go horribly awry, while stray skaven tunnelers were indirectly responsible for revealing the Idoneth Deepkin to the world.

So What’s in the Battletome?

The Story

Battletome: Skaven follows the long, strange story of the skaven in the Mortal Realms, exploring the nature of the Great Horned Rat, Gnawholes and skaven society. You’ll also find loads of evocative new art that brings the world of these vile ratmen to life in grotesque detail. It’s perfect for inspiring your own collection and helps to tie your army into the grand narrative of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.


The Rules

The Allegiance Abilities

Buckle in there are loads of these. Skaven armies have four allegiance abilities that apply across their whole army, and six allegiance abilities specific to the clans.

Firstly, you’ve got Overwhelming Mass and Strength in Numbers, which can transform even a humble unit of Clanrats into a fairly terrifying fighting force.


Then we’ve got Lead from the Back and Scurry Away, which make Skaventide Heroes nigh on impossible to pin down.


Clan abilities are a bit fancier. The Clans Skyre and Pestilens abilities will be familiar from their appearance in last year’s General’s Handbook, and are joined by new allegiance abilities for each of the main clans. Take the Clans Verminus you’ll be able to give a command trait to six Clawlords, giving you loads of versatility.


Or the Clans Moulder – with Prized Creations, you’ll be able to make your favourite Hell Pit Abomination even deadlier.


All of these abilities work in tandem. For example, you could field a Grey Seer, Deathmaster and a couple of Clawlords in the same army, and each would benefit from their own allegiance abilities.

The Spells


Skaven are getting not one but two magical lores to draw from! The first the Lore of Ruin is available to Grey Seers and contains all sorts of hideously effective curses. Splinter, for example, lets you pick out key enemy models and slay them.


The Clans Skryre, on the other hand, get the Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism, allowing them to supercharge nearby units or shield themselves from harm.


More-more-more Warp Power, for example, gives your chosen unit re-rolls to hit and wound until the next hero phase, causing your damage output to increase enormously!


And More!

And that’s not even the half of it –  we haven’t even gotten into the improved warscrolls, warscroll battalions or the 36 artefacts available to the army.

What Does a Skaven Army Look Like?

That’s pretty much up to you! Skaven have traditionally been seen as a horde army, and if you want to use them that way, you’ll find they’re pretty excellent.


Dig deeper, however, and you’ll find all sorts of unusual army builds. Support an artillery line of Plagueclaws with bulky Rat Ogors, field a super-elite force of Stormvermin, or field a convocation of terrifying Verminlords the possibilities are nigh endless. Of course, if you’d rather focus on one of the great clans, you can still do that in fact, you’ll be rewarded for focusing your efforts with special Battleline choices.


Battletome: Skaven will be available to pre-order this weekend alongside Carrion Empire, Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts and more. If you’re dusting off your skaven collection for the new battletome, we’d love to see it on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page. If you’re yet to get started, Start Collecting! Skaven Pestilens is a brilliant place to kick off your army.

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Raise a toast to the king  Death Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts is almost upon us!

A long-time favourite among lore-fans and matched play maniacs alike, the Flesh-eater Courts are being brought in line with the latest battletomes, turning them into a force that’s more than ready for the battlefields of the new edition. In our latest preview this week, we’re delving into what the new book means for you.


First though, some lore for if you’re a recent arrival in the Mortal Realms, you may be unaware of the strange curse of the Flesh-eater Courts…

Who are the Flesh-eater Courts?

Gleaming pennants flap in the wind. Shining swords are raised in triumph, and noble kings ride down upon evildoers wherever they hide!

At least, that’s how the Flesh-eater Courts see it the truth is much darker…

Heirs to an ancient and terrible curse, the Flesh-eater Courts are ghoulish creatures of death trapped in a terrible delusion. Utterly lost to madness, they believe themselves nobles and knights of a bygone age, blissfully unaware of their true nature as degenerate, bloodstained cannibals. Swollen by feasts of flesh and dark magic. The mordants of the Flesh-eater Courts fight with horrible fury, capable of tearing men limb from limb with nothing but their taloned hands.

What’s in the Battletome?

The Story

The Flesh-eater Courts are a fan-favourite Warhammer Age of Sigmar army, and for good reason there’s something deliciously dark about their lore. You’ll be able to discover more horrifying details about these sinister ghouls in the battletome, with an in-depth look at their bizarre culture and tragic history accompanied by some magnificently macabre art:


Allegiance Abilities

The Flesh-eater Courts allegiance abilities are similar to those found in the last General’s Handbook, but have been given some considerable improvements. As an alternative to picking a delusion for your army, you’ll have the choice of selecting a Grand Court instead (more on those below). Feeding Frenzy, a key Flesh-eater Courts ability, is also a bit better; rather than occasionally getting to fight twice in the same phase after you destroy a unit, it’s now a command ability, giving you much more freedom as to when you use it.


Effectively, if you’ve got the command points, you’ll be able to seriously pump up the offensive capabilities of your forces we’d recommend taking a maximum-sized unit of something powerful like Crypt Horrors for the best possible results.

Grand Courts

Grand Courts are one of the coolest new features for Flesh-eater Courts, giving you further options for customising your army and adding extra thematic depth to these manic cannibals.


Chosen when writing your army list, Grand Courts represent the distinct subcultures of Flesh-eater Courts across the Mortal Realms. The Blisterskin Grand Court, for example, are scorched cannibals from Aqshy who worship the Realm of Light. Dedicate your army to them, and you’ll get loads of nifty abilities, such as a higher Move characteristic and extra command points.



Gristlegore, on the other hand, lets you make the most of your monsters, and even unlocks Royal Zombie Dragons and Royal Terrorgheists as Battleline choices!


Spell Lores


Flesh-eater Courts are getting their very own magical lore with the Lore of Madness a versatile collection of spells that adds even more tactical depth to the army. One really handy spell is Blood Feast, which gives you yet another way to restore nearby units while maiming enemy forces.


You’ll also be able to improve your units’ mobility with Spectral Host a useful spell that lets you fly over terrain and blocking units to make a deadly charge or grab a crucial objective.


Traits and Artefacts

Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts is packed with command traits and artefacts for customising your Heroes. Abhorrant and Courtier Heroes receive command trait and artefact tables of their own, while there’s even a set of mount traits for your chosen Royal Zombie Dragon or Terrorgheist.


Death from the Skies, for instance, lets you plunge into the fray where you’ll deal the most damage.


We’ve just scratched the surface of what you’ll find in the new Flesh-eater Courts battletome! You’ll be able to read it all yourself soon, as it goes on pre-order this weekend. In the meantime, you can kick off your army with Start Collecting! Flesh-eater Courts, available online and in stores today.

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We’ve seen the battletome, we’ve seen the Warlock Bombardier, but in true skaven fashion, you’re not satisfied yet-yet! Well, worry not we’ve still got new stuff to show you.


Today, rather than just tease, we’re giving away three new Endless Spell warscrolls in full, alongside the warscroll for the Gnawholes read on to learn more…


Vermintide is a particularly nasty Endless Spell. Thanks to its huge base size, it’s great for blocking enemy units, while your skaven will be able to move over it with impunity.


Warp Lightning Vortex

Warp Lightning Vortex is great for blocking off a key area of the battlefield set it up around your enemy’s favourite War Machine, terrain piece or Hero, then deal a deluge of mortal wounds to everyone nearby.


Bell of Doom

Bell of Doom is a cracking Endless Spell when combined with hordes of Clanrats, lending them immunity to battleshock tests… provided it doesn’t detonate horribly!




Available at no matched play points cost, Gnawholes allow Skaven to deploy where you least expect it, as well as providing an always-welcome casting bonus to nearby Wizards.


You’ll be able to pre-order these Endless Spells very soon in the meantime, stay tuned for tomorrow’s preview, where we’ll be taking a look at the Flesh-eater Courts Endless spells…

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I've been out of Fantasy for a long time, but that set is very tempting with all the Skaven machines of war.

Plus all of those ghouls would be easy to convert into Arcoflagellants, and it's always nice to have batwings for other conversions.

But... They aren't Sisters, so I'm saving my pennies.

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Carrion Empire and the Flesh-eater Courts battletome will be available to pre-order in mere hours! To tide you over while you wait, we’ve got one more preview – a closer look at the Endless Spells of the Flesh-eater Courts, plus the Charnel Throne scenery piece…


The Endless Spells aren’t just useful for Flesh-eater Courts armies they’re also great for any Death army that contains Nagash, who, as befits the God of Death, can cast all of them.

Cadaverous Barricade

What’s better than a wall? Why, a wailing barricade of corpses, of course! This horrific bulwark is great for slowing down your foes or lending your units some cover against enemy shooting.


Chalice of Ushoran

The Chalice of Ushoran is a cunning Endless Spell that’ll allow you to turn dead enemies into replacement Crypt Ghouls, or just heal your favourite units. Cast it on the front lines to considerably improve your army’s survivability.


Corpsemare Stampede

The Corpsemare Stampede excels at dealing mortal wounds to squishy units. Thanks to its ability to move an impressive 14″, it’s more than capable of riding roughshod over several enemy units at once.


The Charnel Throne


A Charnel Throne can be included in any Flesh-eater Courts army and costs no matched play points – like the Herdstone, or Bad Moon Loonshrine, it’s a core part of any army. On the battlefield, it’ll bolster the courage of your troops, reduce the Bravery of your enemies, and allow you to save your valuable command points when summoning.


The Endless Spells and Charnel Throne will be available to pre-order tomorrow in the meantime, let us know how you’ll be using them in your games on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page!

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On 2/5/2019 at 7:16 PM, Tamwulf said:

Hmm. Anyone gonna have issues when I throw down 400 Slaves on square bases? Of course, 400 Slaves aren't really all that good anymore. Certainly not the juggernaut they were in 7th... 

Didn’t see Slaves in the book, but they were really Clan Rats at heart anyway so it’ll be fine. That said, they’re not exactly as cheap as I think you’re thinking at 5-6 PPM (max VS min unit size). 

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The new-and-improved Flesh-eater Courts are almost upon us, and there’s never been a better time to start an army. Flesh-eater Courts are very flexible, with a range of potential Battleline options and powerful army builds. Today, we’re looking at one of the most unusual available in the new battletome, focused around using as many monsters as possible. We’re aiming for a 2000-point force, built using matched play restrictions, but you’ll find this list loads of fun for open and narrative play too…

Step 1: Picking the Grand Court

The most important step with every Flesh-eater Courts army is deciding if you want to field your army as a Grand Court or not, and if you’ve chosen the former, which to go for.


For monster-themed Flesh-eater Courts armies, you’ll likely want to pick Gristlegore, as this Grand Court makes Royal Zombie Dragons and Royal Terrorgheists count as Battleline units. Additionally, your Monsters and Heroes get a nifty boost to their power in close combat from the Peerless Ferocity rule.


Call to War, the unique Gristlegore command ability, is also well suited to monster-based army, allowing you to deal some extra damage to anyone who’d dare take down your favourite beast.


Step 2: The Battleline

With Gristlegore as our Grand Court, you can get to the fun stuff straight away grabbing as many massive Monsters as we can! You’ll want to start this army with two Royal Zombie Dragons and two Royal Terrorgheists, filling out your Battleline and Behemoth slots in one (bony, decaying) swoop. That was simple!


You’re going to take want to take these as part of the Royal Menagerie warscroll battalion this offers you an additional command point, the ability to deploy all your Monsters at once, and an extra artefact of power to boot. The Warscroll Battalion itself is great, allowing you to heal your monsters and significantly bolstering their survivability.


At this stage, you’ll also want to add a Charnel Throne to your army. After all, it doesn’t cost any matched play points, so there’s literally no reason not to!

Step 3: The Heroes


Of course, this army wouldn’t be much without someone to lead it! An Abhorrant Archregent is a great choice,  capable of summoning extra units to the battlefield and being a solid close-combat Hero to boot. You’ll want to keep this guy near your Charnel Throne early in the game and pick summoned units based on the battle you’re in Crypt Ghouls if you need to grab some objectives, Crypt Flayers if you’re looking to do some damage, or a Courtier if you want to support your existing units.

Step 4: Holding Objectives

So, you’ve got a fast and fun list it just needs a little something extra. While your monsters are pretty awesome, they’ll struggle to hold objectives – this is where your Crypt Ghouls come in. A block of 30 costs a mere 300 points field a Varghulf Courtier alongside them and you’ll round out your list at 1980 points! The Varghulf Courtier is a deadly fighter and gets stronger when your Abhorrant Archregent casts spells as well as restoring models to your Crypt Ghoul units.


And that’s that you’ve got a hard-hitting, powerful and unusual army in only a few simple steps! Feel free to change any of our suggestions. Perhaps you’ll want to use an Endless Spell or two, or maybe you’ll want to drop the model count by swapping Crypt Ghouls for Crypt Flayers or Crypt Horrors.


However you’re looking to build your Flesh-eater Courts army, you’ll need a battletome to do so pre-order yours today.

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About time they released a real Skaven army, not that it would ever bring me back to the game. Its nice to see them producing stuff for their classic IP.  Bravo! 

I am amused by the picture with the Globadier sculpt from the 90s. That model is over 20 years old... For a unit that seems so iconic Im baffled they're still rocking that sculpt. Wow. 

Are they ever going to make plastic globadier models or do we need more stormcast eternal variants? FML. 🤣




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3 hours ago, Fixxer said:

I am amused by the picture with the Globadier sculpt from the 90s. That model is over 20 years old... For a unit that seems so iconic Im baffled they're still rocking that sculpt. Wow. 

Are they ever going to make plastic globadier models or do we need more stormcast eternal variants? FML. 🤣

I think it was while I was selling some Skaven to you that I had my mind blown that those were still the current sculpts for Globadiers. Just ridiculous that they haven't been re-done in plastic yet.

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