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Red Shirt Riot - Blitz Bowl/Street Bowl tournaments

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Come join us for our second combined Blitz Bowl and Street Bowl tournaments, Red Shirt Riot. Emerging from the mean streets of The Empire isn't easy, and Blood Bowl is a common route to glory and riches. If they have the right amount of drive, work ethic and luck, young players are often the Blood Bowl stars of tomorrow. Regardless if these players start with illegal, unsanctioned games in the streets, or through more official avenues like the Blitz Bowl Crush, the ultimate goal is to make a professional roster. 

Join us at the Ordo Fanaticus clubhouse for a casual combination Blitz Bowl and Street Bowl tournament event. There is no charge to attend, but players are expected to participate in both events. These tournaments are open to players of all skill levels, and we very much welcome casual players or people that don't play Blood Bowl. We need a minimum of six players, and will cap at ten. I am playing, so I am looking for someone to offer to hang out and admin.

Blitz Bowl will begin at 10am. Games will last 50mins. Coaches may choose any of the standard boxed teams, or the Dark Elves from White Dwarf. If you choose Dark Elves, you must supply your own cards. We will play three games (schedule below), and acknowledge the Overall Champion, and Most Points Scored. Scoring mechanism is shown below. All Challenge decks will include two new cards, one standard and one Endgame, both custom made by SpecialPlayCards.com. Want to learn more? Watch this video.

House rules:

  • Touchdowns are worth four points
  • Challenge card - Show Us A Completion worth two points 
  • Endgame Challenge card - Make A Risky Throw worth three points
  • *NEW 8/25/2019* Chaos Chosen Blocker special rule change:
    • Indomitable: The player cannot be Knocked Down. If they would be, make an Armour check for them - if it is passed, they remain standing. If they had possession of the ball, it will scatter from their square as if they had been Knocked Down. If the Armour check is failed, they are injured.

Street Bowl will begin at 2:30p. games will last 75 mins. Coaches may choose any of the 26 approved NAF teams from this doc. We will play three games, and acknowledge Overall Champion, Best Offense, Best Defense, and Most Brutal. Scoring mechanism is shown below. Standard Street Bowl rules apply to team build and game play, with the following exceptions:

  • You may apply two regular skills to two separate players
  • Rerolls may not be purchased
  • Leader skill may not be taken


  • 9:30a Registration
  • 10:00a Blitz Bowl game one
  • 11:00a Blitz Bowl game two
  • 12:00p Blitz Bowl game three
  • 1:30p Street Bowl game one
  • 3:00p Street Bowl game two
  • 4:30p Street Bowl game three
  • 5:45p Calculations and Awards

Blitz Bowl tournament scoring:

  • Win: 10 points
  • Draw: 5 points
  • Loss: 0 points


  1. Teams will receive one bonus tournament point for each ten points scored, rounding down; example: 17 points scored in the game would add one point, regardless of W/L/D
  2. Sudden Death victories will add an additional tournament point
  3. Tie-breaker: total points scored across all games

Street Bowl tournament scoring:

  • Win: 3 points
  • Draw: 1 point
  • Loss: 0 points


  1. Teams receive one bonus tournament point for winning by two or more TD’s, and for having scored MORE casualties than their opponent each game
  2. Tie-breaker: H2H, winning %, total TD’s + total casualties
  3. Red Shirt Riot Street Bowl is not NAF sanctioned

Recommended Comments

We had a great time at Red Shirt Riot today. For Blitz Bowl, we had two Dwarf teams, two Dark Elf teams, one Human team, one Goblin team, one Skaven team and one Chaos Chosen team. For Street Bowl, we had two Dwarf teams, two Skaven teams, one Nurgle team, one Goblin team, one Chaos Chosen team and one Dark Elf team. Thank you to all the coaches who participated! @Zorcon @Burk @Bosco @Ziggens @Patriarch of Sigmar @ninefinger @Brick Bungalow @Weav

Red Shirt Riot - Blitz Bowl results:

  • Champion: @Zorcon, Dark Elf; 13 tournament points, 3-0-0 W-L-D
  • Most Points Scored: @Burk, Chaos Chosen; 50 Total points scored

Red Shirt Riot - Street Bowl results:

  • Champion: @Patriarch of Sigmar, Nurgle; 9 tournament points, 2-0-1 W-L-D
  • Best Defense: @Burk, Chaos Chosen; 2 TD's allowed
  • Best Offense: @Weav, Skaven; 6 TD's for
  • Most Brutal: @Bosco, Dwarf; 4 CAS inflicted
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