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  1. Get Off My LAN is facing some of the same issue that Ordo East is. We do not have to travel nearly as far, but we started planning the armies we are bringing July 2019 and we are running all Tau with each army themed around a different Caste (Earth, Air, Fire, Water). Each list is focused on their Caste: Fire - Farsight Enclaves - Bringing the Eight and some other things Earth - Bork'an Sept - Bringing almost pure Forgeworld Water - Dal'yth Sept - Approximately 50% Tau/Kroot/Vespid & 50% Guard being run as Gue'vesa Air - T'au Sept - Mostly Stealth & Forgeworld
  2. Updated Sume's list and added tags to each list so that people can tell who is playing what. Hopefully this helps clear any questions up.
  3. For Get Off My LAN's final challenge we have challenged BDSM and they have accepted.
  4. Troop (and dedicated transports) data sheets are limited to 6. Just a minor clarification for those who arrive later and don't read the whole thread.
  5. @Munkie earlier on the thread Bryan addressed this with the shadowspear mini codex, presumably this is the same answer. Hopefully that helps, but I understand the need to get the official word.
  6. Manethak


  7. @PumpkinHead the Forgeworld index for xenos has the points and rules for the orca. But you are correct the model was discontinued by Forgeworld.
  8. Here is the list which I am working on currently for OFCC this year. Both detachments will be the Bork'an Sept (since that matches my paint scheme anyways). Vanguard Detachment: -Commander in XV8 Crisis Battlesuit - 2x Plasma Rifle, Shield Generator: 96 pts -3 squads of 3 XV8 Crisis Suits - 2 squads with 2 plasma rifles, 1 squad with 2 missile pods: 429 pts -Orca: 364 pts Battalion Detachment -Cadre Fireblade: 42 pts Ethereal w/ Hover Drone: 50 pts Breacher Squad - x7 w/ Pulse Blaster, 1 Shas'ui w/ pulse blaster & markerlight: 59 pts
  9. Devon - Tau Sacae Sept Finalized list for Devon Vanguard Detachment (T'au Empire) [116 PL, 4CP, 1,998pts] T'au Empire Sept Choice: Sa'cea Sept HQ [7 PL, 113pts] Commander in XV85 Enforcer Battlesuit [7 PL, 113pts]: Beacon of Honour (Sa'cea Sept), Drone controller [5pts], 2x Missile pod [30pts], Velocity tracker [2pts], Warlord Elites [56 PL, 918pts] XV104 Riptide Battlesuit [16 PL, 330pts]: 2x Smart missile system [30pts], Advanced targeting system [18pts], Heavy burst cannon [35pts], 2x MV84 Shielded Missile Drone [50pts], Target lock [12pts] XV104 Ripti
  10. Chris - Chaos Daemons Slaanesh Finalized List for @Sume Supreme Command Detachment (Chaos - Daemons) [29 PL, 1CP, 565pts] HQ Infernal Enrapturess [4 PL, 80pts] Infernal Enrapturess [4 PL, 80pts] Syll'Esske [11 PL, 210pts]: Delightful Agonies, Hysterical Frenzy The Contorted Epitome [10 PL, 195pts]: Cacophonic Choir, Phantasmagoria, The Forbidden Gem Battalion Detachment (Chaos - Daemons) [87 PL, 7CP, 1432pts] HQ Keeper of Secrets [13 PL, 240pts]: Celerity of Slaanesh, Delightful Agonies, Sinistrous hand, Soulstealer, Symphony of Pain, Warlord
  11. Logan - Space Marines Imperial Fists Finalized list for @Khorne_Red_Jeep Battalion Detachment (Imperium - Space Marines) [95 PL, 1,477pts] Chapter Selection: Imperial Fists HQ [14 PL, 211pts] Captain in Cataphractii Armor [8 PL, 121pts]: Chainfist [11pts], Combi-melta [15pts], Warlord Chaplain [6 PL, 90pts]: Bolt pistol, Jump Pack [1 PL, 18pts] Troops [15 PL, 225pts] Tactical Squad [5 PL, 75pts] 3x Space Marine [39pts] Space Marine Sergeant [13pts]: Bolt pistol, Chainsword Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon [23pts]: Heavy bolter [10pts] Tactical S
  12. Troy - Tau Bork'an Sept Finalized list for @Manethak Vanguard Detachment (T'au Empire) [57 PL, 1CP, 950pts] Tau Empire Sept Choice: Bork'an Sept HQ [7 PL, 115pts] Commander in XV8 Crisis Battlesuit [7 PL, 115pts]: Drone controller [5pts], 2x Missile pod [30pts], Shield generator [8pts] Elites [36 PL, 471pts] XV8 Crisis Battlesuits [12 PL, 177pts] Crisis Shas'ui [59pts]: 2x Missile pod [30pts], Velocity tracker [2pts] Crisis Shas'ui [59pts]: 2x Missile pod [30pts], Velocity tracker [2pts] Crisis Shas'vre [59pts]: 2x Missile pod [30pts], Velocity tr
  13. Hello fellow Wargamers, I am starting this thread so that Get Off My LAN can start gathering its thoughts for this years OFCC, share and receive feedback on the lists we are looking to run. So far the team consists of @Manethak (Troy), @Khorne_Red_Jeep (Logan), @Sume (Chris), and a new member this year Devon. This year we are bringing Tau (Bork'an Sept), Tau (Sacae Sept), Desert Marines (Imperial Fists) and Slanesh & Black Legion. We are not going old school this year as we all agreed we wanted to run something with more options. Devon is a new participant for OFCC 2019 and is borrowi
  14. Get Off My LAN is recruiting a 4th teammate. This will be our 4th OFCC event. Feel free to reach out to me if you are looking for a team.
  15. woohoo, Get Off My LAN will be returning this year. We currently have 3 players and are recruiting a 4th. So far our roster includes Troy (Manethak), Logan (Khorne_Red_Jeep) & Chris (Sume). @evil_bryan I will get the form out to you later this week, it is currently dead week for my students and they are panicked to say the least.
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